The 2005 NYC Auto Show and Exhibition


The 2005 NYC Auto show was a great way to pass an early spring afternoon and I am looking forward to the 2006 show. The SVT Sport Trac SUV they announced looks like it will never happen now, so that was a concept they couldn't sell but the Shelby GT-500 is already becoming a number one sought after car! I wanted to get these posted before the new show and I have tons of pictures of the other super SUPER cars besides the Z-06, hopefully I will get the time to post them here as well.

The images displaying are large thumbnails so the page will load for our dial-up brothers, just click any one you would like to see the full Hi-Res 1600x1200 image and it will load into a new window.

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to download a zip file containing all the images, just right click and save as... you can then unpack the zip and point your "My Pictures" screen saver to it for a killer slide show!!

Lots of canidates for Wallpaper or Screen Savers!!

MAN I LOVE THE Saleen S-7 AND the Ford GT!!
Click the S-7 to goto or Click the GT to goto


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