The 2005 Saratoga Automobile Museum Carroll Shelby Exhibition 

The 2005 Saratoga Automobile Museum event was great, I stopped by and checked it out with Marcy in tow one Sunday afternoon.   Then my local Mustang club, The Adirondack Shelby Mustang Club had our monthly Thursday night club meeting in the museum after-hours, right before the exhibition closed.   I have my best pictures of the Ford vehicles collected here and it was quite an educational couple of visits for me.   I have a video of an interview of Carroll Shelby at a private meet and greet sponsored by the museum I would share if your interested, too big to host, just email me.

The displayed images are just Low-Res thumbnails so the page will load for our dial-up brothers, just click any one you would like to see the full Hi-Res 1600x1200 image and it will load into your browser.

Lots of candidates for Wallpaper or Screen Savers!!

If you goto the very bottom of the page you can click the link to download the entire picture series in one .zip file.  Right click and save as...   and then unpack it and you can then point your "My Pictures" screen saver to it for a killer slide show/screen saver!!

The ORIGINAL Shelby Cobra was and still may be the GREATEST car ever built!
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