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THE SNAKE IS BACK but now your serpent is in HD!!!
New Original 2008 Snake Pit Production race videos of my little Stang


Scott Kalitta 1962 - 2008 Lived To Race, Raced To Live
God Bless Scott! God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Rest Your Soul


Eric Medlen August 13, 1973 March 23, 2007 Eric Medlen RIP

Currently over 1250 movies divided into 5 groups!
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Stang track pics

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something I whipped up from the 3 of Jim K's pics


This collection of movies is all business, no compilations, cruise in footage or burnouts for fun!  Absolutely NO STREET RACING!!  I am collecting the best Stang, Ford and just plain amazing race footage, kickin butt and taking names AT THE TRACK with few if any frills.   A few will have lower resolution versions as well, that will take less time to download and all movies bigger than 20Meg will be labeled.   Always right click and select "Save Link As..." and run the movie from a local copy to insure smooth playback.   No fees will ever be charged to download a movie from here EVER!   Anyone that has track footage that needs a place to host it no longer needs to deal with upload or movie hosting services that jam pop-ups and banners in the face of who ever wants to view them later.   Just contact me and I will give you instructions on how to get your movies hosted here.   Spread the word, share the link and check back often for new additions that will be clearly tagged as "new".

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1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

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Currently over 1250 movies divided into 5 groups,
Original Snake Pit Racing Movies of 04SNAKE or 99SS
Cobras doing what they do best LIVE RACING!*CLICK HERE*,
Racing Films of Stangs and other Fords *CLICK HERE*,
Original Snake Pit Production Movies
or Everything else, Wrecks, Bikes, Wheelies, Turbos . . .

New movies will be added to the top of the groups
and will feature the "new" tag new (8K)

Stang track pics Stang track pics


Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics

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1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

Tim Lynch's Fox pics
Tim Lynch's Fox pics
Tim Lynch's Fox pics

Turbo Wheelie
Grant Stephens' Australian Capri


  In car pass from NMRA racer making a 10 sec pass in his juiced Fox!

  Racey Turbo Fox runs a straight as an arrow 7.53 @ 186 at LACR!

  So So quality video from behind of a Turbo Fox doing 8.64 @ 158!

  Cappo vs Buscio battle hard in the Atco 3/25 8.50 index final!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  The orange Mouth Racing Fox makes a 3/4 pass at Atco running 9.47!

  the "Mouth" Fox is making a shakedown pass at Atco nstill runs 9.50!

  Scott Gearhart caught all of Sunday's 2nd round from Orlando 2007!
  Fun Ford Orlando Spring National event, worth the download! *HUGE*94Mg

  Scott Gearhart Sunday's Pro, Outlaw and Renegade Round 1 at Orlando 07!
  Fun Ford Orlando Spring National event, worth the download! *BIG*69Mg

  Street Stang, Tough Truck, Ultra Stang and Street Ford Round 1 at Orlando 07!
  Fun Ford Orlando Spring National event, worth the download *HUGE*81Mg

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Scott Gearhart caught Mod Comp & Bandit 1st round from Orlando!
  Fun Ford Orlando Spring National event, worth the download! *BIG*58Mg

  Scott Gearhart caught all of Sunday's early testing at Orlando 07!
  Fun Ford Orlando Spring National event, worth the download! *BIG*53Mg

  Drag racing in Iceland! I will never complain about NE weather again! .flv (Flash)

  Here is an interesting compilation using some European footage! .flv (Flash)

  Mike makes a decent pass in his Fox to nip a Camaro! 11.97 @ 107

  Mike makes a night time TnT pass in his Fox! 11.98 @ 106

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  FenderCam of Mike Croke's 79 Capri match against Trent Kendall's 10.25 T Fox!

  Tom here gives you a ride in his 10 sec Fox and shows off a little shifting!

  Ray Curtis wins 10.0 Final in his Red Fox and shows up Pachinne's 69 GTX when he spun!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Steve Drummond's 69 Juiced 662ci Big Block rips an 1/8 in Big Tire! 4.69 @ 152!

  Drummond's 69 BBF Stang beats Rick Grove when he smokes his Maro's clutch! 4.68 @ 152!

  Drummond hangs the front for 330 of the 660 & beats Horney in Big Tire final! 4.72@152!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Matt Jewell runs his 67Cougar against Bob Lyons and his 79 Camaro in 10.0 I!

  Capalina's Notch is Air crazy and Wild, Bryan Hull is no where to be found in his Fox!

  Capalina's Fox does some Wheelstanding during Qualifying at Atco Final 8!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Manny Sirris' Black 90 SBF TT Fox makes an impressive solo run! 7.01 @ 204!

  Manny Sirris and his TT Fox run Leo Barnaby's 90 TT Vette! 7.06 @ 204!

  Manny Sirris and his TT Fox run Leo Barnaby's 90 TT Vette! 7.06 @ 204!

  Manny Sirris' TT Fox beats Mike DeMartino's 80 541 BBC TT Camaro! 7.15 @ 204!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  This 4 cyl Turbo Fox's isn't a Cobra, but it is dragging the bumper!

  Fox jockey makes a huge SAVE and stays off wall at SuperStallion Fall Nationals!

  Fallguy's Turbo Probe is a little different! Ride along inside! 9.41@141! .flv (Flash)
  most .flv vids can be opened with VLC player or download flvplayer >>FLV 1.3.3 Player here<<

  Fallguy adds a 75 shot to his Probe's 34PSI & has serious MPH! 9.08@153! .flv (Flash)

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Manny Sirris runs Rich Sexton's 69 N2O Camaro under threatening skys! NO TIMES

  Turbo Fox with BIG HP skates a bit off the line and then takes off! 9.34 @ 153!

  Big Daddy Redlighted his 84 Fox but ran 8.06@180 against Balinsky in DragRadial action!

  Brad Brand loses the Orlando 10.5 final in his 92 Fox when he jumps a month early on Ulsch?

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Al Wyce loses a 10.0 index elim in his 89 to Mark Plucinski's 92 Stang at Atco!

  Steve Drummond gets huge air and beaten by the Blue Fox.! 8.58 @ 162!

  Pete Champani makes a solo pass in his DragRadial 89 SBF Turbo Fox! 8.03 @ 180!

  Brett Hull makes a solo pass in his DragRadial 93 SBF Turbo Cobra! 8.09 @ 174!

  Brett Hull's T Cobra beats Pete Champani in his 89 T Fox easily! 8.34 @ 171!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  This is Team Fatboy, check out their 9 and 10 sec Foxes. *HUGE* 59Mg

  No times but the Blue Fox flies and makes the other Stang look sluggish!

  Cool track level view of this Fox launching! He shut down at 1000ft ran 11.66 @ 94

  Mike Hensley lost in a 68 when Geisler layed down a perfect 10.00 in the 10.0 FINAL!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  This Fox couldn't get around the F-body Z-28 which rolled out to 10.96 @ 125

  This 11.0 Fox didn't have a chance against the Scary TA at 9.33 @ 142

  This sharp Black T Fox shuts it down as the GN in opposite lane struggles too!

  Not sure who's Red Fox this is that breaks right at the hook!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Jeff Kornicki 88 SBF N2O Fox loses by a hair to Bill Mitchell 82 Blazer in 8.50 I!

  Finish line view of OnIt in his Fox against WazSlow's Fox is something different!

  the 68 Stang of Mike Hensley won on a redlight over Mike Hoban's S10 in 10.0 I!

  Kevin Fournier's 66 Chevelle won on a redlight over Grinnel's Ford Fairmount in 10.0 I!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  This Quick 8 F-Body spanks a Fox during qualifying at Atco 6.90 @ 196

  Fox makes 3 passes in this vid, gets 10.42 @ 128 on the last one

  Aussie HP in action! This huge motor Capri gets all 4 wheels airborne! unbelievable!

  Here is a 1.8L Ford Escort RWD import style drag car that flies! 9.99 @ 141!?!

  Urban hillbilly got this Fox wrecking after a wheelie! It lasts the whole track.

  Urban hillbilly got this Fox doing a second wheelie! Watch out for the bounce!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Urban hillbilly video of this Fox doing a oil pan spark flying belly flop!

  NMCA True Street Aug 06 event from Maple Grove! Lots of passes!

  Turbo Fox In-car pass, he spools it up and makes it look easy when it wiggles!

  Damian's Fox wins 10.5 Eliminator at Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 7.30 @ 198

Big Daddy defying gravity

  This Fox breaks during 10.5 round at Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 7.99 wins it

  TT Fox focuses to makes a quality pass during 10.5 quals at Cecil Co.! 7.30 @ 198

  Atco Quick 8 makeup Qual pass by Damiani nets him a solid 7 sec pass in his Fox!

  Quick 8 Qual pass at Atco by Kasper in his Hot Rod Lincoln! Radar Love! 7.81 @ 180!

  Atco Quick 8 Qual pass by Kasper in his Lincoln. I think it's a Lincoln? 8.00 @ 181!

  Damiani shuts off his Turbo Fox early during a Q8 Qual pass at Atco! Spun Tires!

  Damiani shuts off his Turbo Fox early during a Q8 Qual pass at Atco! Spun Tires!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Monahan shuts off his Fox after a little to much air during a Test pass at Atco!

  Scott Gearhart vid of 06 Fun Ford Round 1 Eliminations from Orlando! *BIG* 52Mg

  More Scott Gearhart vids of Sundays FF Round 2 Eliminations from Orlando! *BIG* 52Mg

  Cool movie of a Lightning at Summit Road course whooping up on a Porsche! 18Mg

  Serious dragged out Lightning moving on down the strip! 8.57 @ 155!

  95 Capri is a respectable all motor bolt-on street ride! 11.19 @ 121 at Atco

  In-car vid of a little night time spraying! Fox runs 11.33 @ 116

  In-car vid of a 1990 Notch on the giggle juice! runs solid 11.38 @ 116

  Night time is the right time for spraying! Notch runs 11.43 @ 115

   Good in-car vid of a Notch making a pass! runs 11.83 @ 116

One Bad Fox

  Big Hairdryer on this Silver Fox, driver had to steer a bit! 8.03 @ 172

  Trent Kendall's 90 T Fox with some in-car footage as well! 10.25 @ 141

  Wow does this White Fox ever stomp a WRX, pulls big air and gone!

  Turbo Firebird ran a 10.75, but slept at the line so the Fox beat him!

  AMP Performance's 10sec 5.0 Fox, multiple in-car cameras! *HUGE* 50Mg

  AMP Performance's flamed Fox rocket W/in-car camera work! 18Mg

  AMP Performance's D.R. Bott drives the Fox on it's 50th pass! 10.58 @ 127

  BPA is back with their serious fast Fox, big launch and backfart! 9.50 @ 143

Big Daddy defying gravity

  This Super Sharp TT Fox launches hard but pulls chute early! 1/8th 4.59 @ 162

  This Fox runs a strong 5.08 and gets beat by a braking RS! 1/8th 5.02 @ 149

  Brad Brand takes a solo blast in his Blown Black Fox! 1/8th 4.61 @ 168

  Tim Dunn takes a solo pass in his sharp painted Fox! 1/8th 5.12 @ 146

  Dillard is rock solid and in a zone! Great Launch takes out RS! 1/8th 4.96 @ 156

  Dillard takes no prisoners with this Qual, Camaro looking at trunk! 1/8th 4.96 @ 154

Big Freakin AIR!

  Adkins juiced Fox body running a solo pass! 1/8th 5.48 @ 132

  Kincaid gives Brewer a better race in this Fox duel! 1/8th 5.28 -vs- 5.32

  Yarber's new edge nips Kincaid as his hood flies off! 1/8th 5.33 -vs- 537

  Erwin against Kincaid w/problems in this Fox duel down South! 1/8th 5.25 @ 139

  Primer looking Camaro smokes this sharp looking Fox! 1/8th 5.72 @ 136

  Sharp white Lightning smokes a bragging Nova jockey! 11.67 @ 116

  Sweet white Turbo Fox making quick passes, bonus Jet car run! 21Mg

Jim Knight's Stang pics

  Another great in-car view of a Fox Stang friggin flying! 9.92 @ 137!

  Sharp looking Fox on the sauce makes a no BS pass 9.89 @ 137! Solid!

  Harris' black Fox takes out a Chemen's big blower Camaro with a 7.39 @ 191!

  Siris' Turbo Fox makes a statement with a solid 7.25 @ 196! Barnaby watches taillights

  Siris' Black Turbo Fox on a solo qual pass 7.35 @ 196!

  Siris' Turbo Fox aborts this pass, must of felt something

  Not sure why this test run in this beast on the highway is cool, but it is!

  Mike heads a newer Stang with his Fox a nice 11.98 run!

Big Freakin AIR!

  The first thing you have to do is get the launch worked out! problem here

  This is a better launch for the Black Fox but still can't keep his foot in it!

  This poor guy has his rear lock, skip once and rip out of his Fox!

  Video of the this 8 sec Turbo Fox is so-so, car is mean! .asp => VLC player

  Nice N/A battle between Fox and a Fox-F, the newer GT nips him W/ 11.77

  If you like me hadn't seen this TurboMustangs video, holy cow! 25Mg!

  Mikey and his Fox at PRP 5/6 rips another quick 10.16 @ 141

  Mikey squares off against Frank at PRP 5/6 10.52 -vs- 11.40 nice!

  Mikey has a stout Fox that scoots down the track for a 10.16 @ 141

  Mikey's Fox filmed from a different camera angle 10.24 @ 140!

Jim Knight's Stang pics

  Strong Turbo Fox with a couple 10 sec passes OK video but the music
  might be a bit much, just get ready to turn down the volume *HUGE*56Mg

  Turbo Fox best run of the day, moving all around the groove to a 8.31 @ 140!

  Turbo Fox has hang on to every gear 8.64 @ 134 & Vega get a nice trip 9.32 @ 147

  Jamie launches his fox HARD! The time on the board is from the prior pass

  Richie gets his bolt-on street Fox down the track for a 12.0

  Movie cut from 2006 FFW, with a fox ripping by the fords in the lanes!

  Saleen S7 is taken for pass, can't see what the time is, still interesting!

  Slojunk91 laying down a number in his Fox at Lebanon Valley!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Scott Gearhart caught all of Fridays 1st round from Bradenton!
  NMRA Spring National event PART1, worth the download! *HUGE*75Mg

  Great camera work by Scott for Fridays 1st round from Bradenton!
  NMRA Spring National event PART2, worth the download! *HUGE*54Mg

  Scott was very gracious to share Fridays 1st round from Bradenton!
  NMRA Spring National event PART3, worth each download! *BIG* 42Mg

  OMG, thanks to Scott for filming all this 3rd round action!
  tons of Ford action at this years FFW at Orlando. Wheels up,
  devastating launches, worth the download!!! *BIG* 48Mg

  Zoop Zellonis' mother of all wheelies! He would NOT get out of it!

  Joe babying his bad ass Sprayed GT off the line to a 10.4@144! 20Mg

  This is a rare in-car mini-rail ride, very very cool painter Tom!

  Toby Torres launches hard with big air in his fox!

  Several Stang shorts from I slapped together

  Glen May and his Canadian T-bird door slammer runs a 6.62 @ 221!

Jim Knight's Stang pics

  Very good in-car pass in this door slammer modified!

  Robin Moore running her Stang to a 9.56 pass

  Short video of Tom Lee's Stang doing a burnout, don't blink!

  Joey running his Turbo Fox to a 7.37 at Atco

  Super cool in-car footage of 7 sec run

Big Daddy defying gravity

  Sick88LX shows what this 88 w/347 and a BIG shot can do 9.75

  This in-car of Sick88LX running 9.60 is SICK! one of my FAVS!

  Andrew has his Turbo Fox hook and go to a 8.94@159

  Andy bails on pass after getting sideways!

  Turbo Mike and his black fox getting it done 9.91

  Turbo Mike makes it look easy on drag radials 9.86

  Small but neat in-car of Steve Cole 8.61@161

  This Fox runs 9.56@141, come on paint that track rat!

  Sweet nite time pass w/impressive stick work 10.19

  Nice looking Fox w/ wheels up launch

  Tim Lynch getting big air and backing out of it

  Blue Fox gets crossed up and slaps the wall

  Fast Fox gets out of groove and almost saves it



1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics


Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics

Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics

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