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THE SNAKE IS BACK but now your serpent is in HD!!!
New Original 2008 Snake Pit Production race videos of my little Stang


Scott Kalitta 1962 - 2008 Lived To Race, Raced To Live
God Bless Scott! God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Rest Your Soul


Eric Medlen August 13, 1973 March 23, 2007 Eric Medlen RIP

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Stang track pics

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something I whipped up from the 3 of Jim K's pics


This collection of movies is all business, no compilations, cruise in footage or burnouts for fun!  Absolutely NO STREET RACING!!  I am collecting the best Stang, Ford and just plain amazing race footage, kickin butt and taking names AT THE TRACK with few if any frills.   A few will have lower resolution versions as well, that will take less time to download and all movies bigger than 20Meg will be labeled.   Always right click and select "Save Link As..." and run the movie from a local copy to insure smooth playback.   No fees will ever be charged to download a movie from here EVER!   Anyone that has track footage that needs a place to host it no longer needs to deal with upload or movie hosting services that jam pop-ups and banners in the face of who ever wants to view them later.   Just contact me and I will give you instructions on how to get your movies hosted here.   Spread the word, share the link and check back often for new additions that will be clearly tagged as "new".

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1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

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Currently over 1250 movies divided into 5 groups,
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New movies will be added to the top of the groups
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Stang track pics Stang track pics

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Stang track pics Stang track pics
Stang track pics Stang track pics

Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics
Jim Knight's Stang pics

The Little Red Wagon animation

Everything else fit to download!
Vettes, Fbodys, Vipers, Turbos, Outlaw 10.5 racing,
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the staging war starts here!

  Here is what can happen with NOS! KABOOM!! Witness Ulsch's car flaming!

  Check out Krazy Ed's real flame paintjob in this Atco movie! 7.45 @ 173

  Atco movie from the tree of an NA Firebird running 7.50 @ 185

  Atco movie from the box of Rini's pro mod juiced Dodge! 6.68 @ 202

  Want to take an M3 racer around the NurbRing? In Car with telemetry! *HUGE* 100Mg

  I wish I had the money to Road Race a Porsche! Great In Car vid! *HUGE* 80Mg

  The wipers had a workout in the Porsch track day In Car video! *BIG* 60Mg

  This is one mean looking Bird running 10.99 like nothing at night

  The 2 Chevys in the Atco 3/25 10.0 final give a great show in a close race!

  A chebbie and a Buick go at in the the Atco 3/25 12.0 index final

  Super Charged Mercedes against a Supra, 11.68 vs 11.62 closer than it should be!

  Major Vette has one bad Vette, 9.07 on a botched run! holy cow!

  Here is Chris Dollins in his Z28 making a strong 10 sec pass! .flv (Flash)

  John Sheppard in his DSM have been racing long before NOPI! 7.70@191 (Flash)

  Ol'Time Dragster making a pass with a grate in-bucket view! Must see!(Flash)

  Nice steady in-car view of a 8 sec Import Race car! 8.80 @ 162 (Flash)

  Here is a YellowBullet compilation of some Outlaw 10.5 qual action! 20Mg

  Ol'Time Drag racing video is uber cool and yup, I'm old cause I remember!(Flash)

  Dave Bowman at Vegas getting everything working on a clean pass! 8.18 @ 175

  Dave Bowman making a test pass in his outlaw Camaro! 8.87 @ 168

  New from the Vette Doctors! 2 late model rockets going at it with one going 7's

  Just when it seemed to be safe for Muscle cars, a sleeper import! 10.05 @ 132

  Nitro Sewing machines south of the Border, Cool because the drivers are nutz! 10.05 @ 132

  Cool elevation shots of this Sauced Z-28! Full of run 9.94 @ 138 .flv (Flash)

Big Freakin AIR!

  Some guys think ol Dave here is a stud, but I don't want the lane next to him! (Flash)

  Dave does better with his 95 Formula on this pass! 11.46 @ 121 .flv (Flash)

  This Silver Z-28 goes low 12's with in-car shots at Moroso! 12.14 @ 116 .flv (Flash)

  Kevin gives his 12 Sec Z-28 a nite time workout at Moroso! Camera work? .flv (Flash)

  Zack Barklage invites us into his office inside his 57 Chevy Pro Mod! COOL!

  Drag racing satisfied my competitive urges at a manageable cost but my whole life
  I was pointed to road racing! I still feel I could do what Hans Stuck does in this video!
  Check out him manhandling the BMW M3 GTR, un-F'ng believable! I'll never know? *HUGE* 58Mg

  "Sandman" Williams coming right at you! Guard rails will be illegal soon, good thing!

  Here is one helluva save in the Chevelle SS to the delight of the crowd!

  Here is what the drags is all about in Florida, the Good & the Bad! thanks Arnie!

  Rich Sexton's juiced 69 Camaro rips a fine 8th Qual pass against Randy Lambert! 4.45@163

  Ride'M cowboys! Cheman vs Grove both drive Camaros that wanted to misbehave!

  Steve King (98 526 Hemi Viper) doesn't see the spin behind, somehow it stays off wall!

  This incar of the BoweryBoys Vette is a little older but good! He grabs 5th at end!

  This Honda incar ride is cool problem is a ShockWave Flash (.swf) I couldn't convert?
  You need a browser with ShockWave plugin installed (use FireFox, screw IE) to play it!

  Rich Sexton wins the battle of Classic Maros eliminating Nichols with 6.95 @ 196!

  Here is what a bone stock LS-7 427 Z06 Vette can do! 11.44 @ 123 is impressive!

  Giant Air for Powski in his white Camaro! so-so quality but watchable

  Mike Romeo is a Wheelstander and a crowd pleaser in his Camaro, the Chevelle blows-up!

  Dueling Wheelstands between Tony Russo's Swinger and Ed McAfee's S10 from Atco!

  How about that Duel from the other side? Russo & McAfee's going for the moon!

  Montey Berney's 55 is sweet and drives around the Camaro in Heavy Street Qual action!

  Montey Berney's sharp 55 Chevy wins Heavy Street final when Cintron redlights!

  Turbo Busas, what a concept! This guy does not have a clean run goes 8.87 @ 169!

  Why a 1200HP TT GMC SUV! So the wife can get groceries at 200mph! .flv (Flash)
  most .flv vids can be opened with VLC player or download flvplayer >>FLV 1.3.3 Player here<<

  Don't miss the mechanic in this rear facing on-bike camera drag bike video! .flv (Flash)

  Want to know what a pass looks like thru the helmet of a 7 sec bike? .flv (Flash)

  Gotta love helmet cams! Here is Pro Stock rider Reggie Showers! .flv (Flash)

  Santapod 2006 fans got to see this over boosted Skyline scream! 8.89 @ 164 .flv (Flash)

  This German Frankenstein BMW boostmonster M5 can hang with the Skyline! 8.83 .flv (Flash)

  Not new but it never ceases to amaze me! Super Duper Mega-Slo-Mo action! .flv (Flash)

  I love different angles, how about Troy Critchley's Chute-cam! 3.98 @ 185! .flv (Flash)

  Try riding Troy Critchley's Outlaw Pro Hemi Cuda strapped to the roof! .flv (Flash)

Big Freakin AIR!

  Timbal's turbo Pontiac barrel rolls over Speed World's dangerous guard rails!

  just another nice pass from the Vette Doctors in their C5 Z06! 7.89 @ 180!

  Tony Russo gets BIG air in his Swinger as McAfee Quals with a 8.65 @ 155! SloMo!

  Marino Cintron wins over Ken Doak in this Camaro battle 68 vs 69! 7.46 @ 192!

  Rick Steikne's Nova wins the 12.0 Final at Atco over Berti who broke out! 12.01 @ 109

  This Camaro came down hard and broke the suspension and just missed a pileup!

  This beautiful 57 Chevy had a couple too many big air bounces for Marvin!

  Bill Verzilli's 69 Camaro won the 8.50 Atco Q8 final when Grigsby's Nova fouled!

  You don't want the Bottle to open on you inside the car like Jack Boer did!

  Chuck Ulsch's 02 BBC Camaro has to work on this pass at Real World Street! 7.07 @ 203

  Sharp Silver Camaro SS hooks hard and runs a quick 10.66 @ 124!

  This White Supra actually hooks a little, that is all it needs to run 9.72 @ 143!

  Scott Gaudagno's BB 02 beats Lambert's SB TT 02 in Outlaw 10.5 nite final! 4.55 @ 161

  This E-Town match has Leo Barnaby eliminating Gaudagno's 02 with his 90 TT Vette! 6.84@211

  Randy Lambert's TT 02 400ci SBC Camaro barely nips Harry Jarvis' 69! 4.75 @ 159!

  While the Camaro racing Rob Golobo was bouncing wheelies, he drove his 02 SS to 7.20@199!

  GranNannie matchup! Grey one launches better nails 9.70 @ 138 against a 10.31 @ 135!

  GN matchup2! Grey one is quicker than the Black GN 9.77 @ 139 against a 10.49 @ 136!

  This juiced 78 Malibu twists violently on launch but steers thru it! 9.15 @ 147

  Couldn't tell what beat Joe Malibu but 9.09 wasn't close enough to 9.0! 9.05 @ 135 WON!

  GranNational Monster! Sharp Black GN spools up and explodes! 9.11 @ 148

  Arnie gets some of the best Wheelie vids! He catches Rhodes' Camaro "up there"!

  Jeff Naiser runs on 2 wheels for almost the whole 1/8! 4.52 @ 161!

  Aussy TT Small Block mini looks like a handful! Best pass 6.35 @ 210 WOW!

  Good LS-1 matchup! White Z rips 10.92 @ 126 against a TA that runs 12.36 @ 121!

  LS-1 rematch! Z-28 is consistent with 10.94 @ 126 but the TA falls off W/ 12.87!

  Supra match race! One got off the line and ran 10.68 @ 130 against 11.07

  Firebird matchup! not much of a one though, the quicker 10.65 @ 132 won big!

Big Freakin AIR!

  GN runs ahead of the Red SS but both lay down solid runs! 10.21@137 vs 11.46@123

  F-body matchup! White SS rips 10.89 @ 127 against a TA that runs 11.52 @ 117!

  Juiced TA has perfect weight transfer and makes a 12 sec SS look slow! 9.38 @ 144!

  The Bowery Boys have their Vette Flying! sick fast 8.60 @ 160!

  Mario Cintron runs his 68 Maro against John Razzler's 67 to 4.86 @ 146 win! Hurt Motor.

  Pauly's TA is matched against a White Turbo TA! his 10.47 @ 128 beats a 10.88 at 121!

  Outlaw Motorsport's LS-1 TA is dragging the bumper a long ways in this vid! No Time

  Outlaw 10.5 matchup between Sexton and Lambert is over when Rich got sideways! 4.78@162

  Vette driver needs an auto? Green TA never looks back rolls out to 11.18 @ 120

  Juiced Auto TA goes after it, brings it back into the groove and runs 10.91 @ 125

  Rich Sexton in his juiced 69 Camaro takes out Mo Hall's 3rdGen 706 BBC Camaro! 4.50@162

  Jon Bowman's 83 Cutlass needs a paintjob, but it's quick! 9.75 @ 137! *BIG* 41Mg

  Filkins' 02 Alky Blown TA holeshots Vinny Budano's Camaro in ProOutlaw final! 6.24@230

  Forced induction stock appearing GranAm is quite a sleeper! 10.13 @ 148!

  This is a LS1TECH video showing off Fbodys at the track, kinda neat

  Tim Horney's stick shift 69 SBC 69 Camaro beats Schroeder's Blown & flamed 69! 4.93@142

  Rick Grove's Alky 69 648 BBC Camaro cuts a light and beats Souza in Big Tire! 4.88@152

  LS-1 hybrids are the rage but this RX7/LS-1 is struggling to dial in!

  CLC_Bill Mitchell's 82 Blazer loses to Mark Bowen's 72 Nova in 8.50 index action!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Great index racing! Todd Geisler's Malibu wins 10.03 to Fournier's Chevelle 9.99 in 10.0!

  Paul Athey runs 6.49 in his ProMod Willys against Andy Jensen's 6.63 in his Vette!

  Chin gets out of it in his Nova and Scott Guadagno never looks back! 7.21 @ 194!

  Chris "Chin" Keillitz's N2O Nova BBC moving good against Lou Proto! 7.30 @ 192!

  Chin's Orange Nova BBC has a qual run with Brad Harris and his Cobra! 7.41 @ 191!

  Here is a "Wild" Orange Malibu doing some aerial stunts at Cecil County!

  Vince Demieri's wins ProMod Final against Decker's flaming Vette! Milt OK, car was toast!

  Milt Decker's ProMod 63 Big Block Vette eliminates Scott Filkin's 02 TA! 6.29 @ 223!

  Milt Decker's ProMod juiced 63 Vette handles Jeff Blasi's 41 Willys! 6.30 @ 222!

  Paul Athey gets beat in his Willys by Milt Decker's 63 738 ci Vette! NO TIMES

  Vince Demieri's 06 ProMod Goat beats Fred Scriba in his 63 "Scorcer" Vette! 6.43 @ 219!

  Demieri has to drive his 06 Goat around Tim O'Hare's 526 BBC Blown 69 Camaro! 6.43@218!

  Andy Jensen ran his 64 SBC T Vette against Matt Deitsch in his NA 03 Cavalier! 6.79@217!

  Tim O'Hare's BBC Supercharged ProMod Camaro downs Nick Montana's 67 Maro! 6.32 @ 220!

  Fred Scriba runs his wild painted Vette against Chris Rini's 03 Neon! 6.41 @ 210!

  Shakedown pass for Fatal Attraction III Camaro. smooth and straight 8.19 @ 170!

  This Malibu makes a 1/8 mile test pass to check track conditions!

  GTO beats up on a helpless CRX, set your sites higher! 12.54 @ 112

  OK, maybe not! GTO tries a Silver SS, but 12.52 @ 113 won't beat 11.43 @ 116!

  Silver latemodel LS-1 Maro straight down the middle on a solo pass. 11.46 @ 116!

  TA matchup! Silver latemodel nips a 2nd gen TA 10.89 @ 127 against that runs 11.52@117!

  Chryslers are not my cup of tea, but they have their fans! 06 Sundsvall meet *HUGE* 57Mg

  Watch the Camaro move back into the groove as he beats a Turbo TA with 10.56 @ 126!

  That SS looks like mine, that is NOT me grinding 3rd! 2nd Gen Maro runs 12.64 @ 104

  Mark Bowen runs his 72 Nova against Lou Martinez in his SBC RX7 in 8.50 Index action!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Who doesn't like to spank a SRT4! This TA enjoyed it running 12.69 @ 106!

  Gator's Black TA runs 11 flat @ 124 against another TA 12.70 @ 111!

  George Rumore got the jump but Mark Bowen won the 8.50 I Final in his 72 Nova!

  This Impala SS is not on its way to pick up groceries, it's racing! 11.84 @ 114!

  F-body matchup! Black TA runs 11.37 @ 120 against a bolt-on Camaro 12.76 @ 111!

  Classic Camaro hooked good and beat a 2nd Gen Maro with 10.78 @ 123 over 12.43

  Some aerial shots from Arnie Cohen at Englishtown. Big air is Cool!

  Randy Lambert pushes his 02 to 7.22@207 but Ken Doak struggled with his wild 69!

  Black Auto TA lays down a decent solo shakedown run with 12.15 @ 105

  Metallic Green TA lays down a quick run with 11.28 @ 118

  Orange TA lays down a quick 11.38 @ 120 run against a LT-1 Maro

  John Hurst 74 Nova broke out with a 9.99 against Todd Geisler's 79 Malibu in 10.0 Index!

  Kevin Fournier & his 66 Chevelle had it easy against Chuck Kelly's S10 in 10.0 Index!

  Todd Geisler's BBC NA 79 Malibu ran a solo 10.07 pass in 10.0 Index!

  Steve Romeo and his 71 Chevelle lose to "On It" in this Ironman nitetime final!

  Steve Romeo has a sharp looking and fast 71 Chevelle and wins against Ferruci. No Times

  Steve Romeo launches his juiced 468 BBC 71 Chevelle hard in this shakedown pass. No Times

  Steve Romeo's Silver Chevelle is all alone and lonely at the finishline!

  SubCompact jockeys are like submarine drivers, fearless! Anais runs 7.41 @ 179

  Flyweights don't need much power to fly! Sick match 7.32 @ 182 vs 7.38 @ 177

  Slater racing built short wheelbase Colt Sub Compact runs 6's in the 8th! *HUGE* 63Mg

  Here is another Toy Doorslammer, sounds like a Turbocharged sewing machine!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Chevy Truck walks a Camaro! Check him for N2O! ran 12.01 at 108

  Cruz Pedregon in a Funnycar pedalfest against Phil Burkart. WOW!

  Here is a low quality extreme crash compilation. Makes me cringe!

  Ride along with a wacky Rally driver as he rolls it at speed!

  Another extreme crash during LeMans prototype racing! Must of had a RedBull!

  I would never spectate along a rally course! This car takes a few out!

  This dude blew up the 10 Bolt on his F-body at the line!

  More F-body carnage! Roll it out of the way and call for a tow!

  Get a linelock, do a better burnout and maybe you wouldn't break!

  Juiced Fbody Camaro makes a 12.20@122 pass! Take that plate off the dash at track!

  Red SS lays it down on a Neon SRT4! SS rolls out easy to 12.50 @ 116

  Chevy Truck spots 2500lbs and spanks a Neon SRT4! runs 13.01 at 101

  Big boost Supra driver smokes the tires as a Chevelle smokes him with a 10.95 @ 122

Big Freakin AIR!

  A wicked nitrous pop comes out of Chuck Ulsch's 02 Maro BBC N2O on this pass

  George Rumore BBC N2O 79 Camaro makes a solid pass in 8.50 index action!

  George Rumore takes it easy on his Camaro after Grigsby fouls in 8.50 index action!

  Supra driver blows the tires off so bad, acts like it is his 1st time? 11.71 @ 137

  Ferruci yanks'M in his bright pink Malibu against a classic Falcon. No Times

  Guppy's Swinger launches hard and wins against "Mr. Hockey"! NO TIMES

  Guppy's Green Swinger is coming at you in this finishline camera angle!

  View from the stands of a huge wheelstand from a nice looking OLD442!

  This 85 Maro street car is car show clean and runs mid 11's to boot! .flv (Flash)
  most .flv vids can be opened with VLC player or download flvplayer >>FLV 1.3.3 Player here<<

  Here is XtremeRPM's Big Tire Yellow Camaro making a pass! 7.47 @ 207! .flv (Flash)

  Steve Kirk makes 8th mile pass in his sharp painted Camaro! 4.43 @ 163! .flv (Flash)

  Jason Scruggs only needs 660ft in his Outlaw Pro! 3.81 @ 198! WOW! .flv (Flash)

  Your in the stands watching Outlaw 10.5 pilots at Piedmont 8th! .flv (Flash)

  Finals action of Outlaw 10.5 at Piedmont North South Shootout! .flv (Flash)

Big Freakin AIR!

  This GranNannie is working on suspension setup, a little less transfer maybe!

  Turbo GranPrix is not so common, this one scoots right along! 9.01 @ 150!

  Bumper dragging Camaro might need some wheelie bars! WOW!

  Bolt on TA destroys this LS1 GTO, the TA ran 13.09 and the GTO pigged a 14+

  Jeff Gilbert has his TA running Big! Hooked hard on this 9.79 @ 138

  Jeff Gilbert makes another quick pass in his 4th Gen TA 10.03 @ 138!

  Super Sharp Classic Camaro rips it and runs to a smooth 10.03 @ 132!

  (Juiced?) 1BADWS6's Silver WS6 yanks them and runs out real hard! 9.89 @ 136!

  3rd vs 4th Gen F-Body's! the LT1 runs a respectable 13.85 and the LS1 goes 13.24

  2nd Gen F-Body breaks and loses to a 4th Gen that runs 12.07 @ 110!

  Jason makes a nice launch in his F-Body, too bad the movie is low-res!

  This guy drives his F-Body with one hand on his N2O button, buy a window switch!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Not sure where I find some of this? how about a rear-suspension camera view! WOW!

  Arnie Cohen Orlando Highlight vid with tons of big air and killer launches!

  Leo flips his tubbed Firebird on roof after getting just a little crossed up!

  Nice In-car of Joe Huneycutt rowing his 10sec 02 Camaro with Heads/Cam like a robot!

  In-car of Ryan Woon steering a Turbo Supra all over the place to 8.88 @ 167

  Ronnie Duke runs a Procharger in his Latemodel Firebird and it is quick 7.47 @ 186

  This blown F-Body runs straight down the track, Ronnie Duke runs 7.50 @ 185

  Love the quick F-Body's here is a Solo Pass of a fast Silver Camaro at Atco

  Not sure if it's a LS1or2 but this Goat has a Magnacharger and runs 11.83 @ 116

  Don't know who won this street tire battle between a F-Body Z-28 & STi? even launch

  I love tuning the Duramax Turbos, here is one running a quick 11.57 @ 117

  The waxed red DSM crushes the other one and runs 9.08 at 160?? looks stock!

  In-car flics rule! CFT has an Integra that moves pretty good! 11.46 @ 135

Big Freakin AIR!

  The guys from 1320 video are some of my favorites, they bring us the goods
  from track side, heavy on the hardcore racers and racing, just none better!
  Drag Week 2006 meant dodging the rain, still very entertaining videos and they
  got some racing in, here is Sundays "day in the life" chronicles! 1320 video

  skip ahead to Wednesday in Drag Week 06, the weather starts clearing! 1320 video

  Thursday Drag Week flic, rain is back, good look into the guys making the journey!

  Friday they make all the final runs and tally the week long scoring! 1320 video

  Ryan's quick 98 Supra 3.4L GT47-88 spins all the way to a 8.72 @ 170! WOW!

  Turbo DSM action! Stacy red lights and is not the quickest either. 10.21 @ 134

  Import night at the track with a pass from Stacy's Turbo DSM! 10.53 @ 136

  Stacy makes a pass against a 3000 with his Turbo DSM! 10.56 @ 135

  Stacy from BoostCreeps makes a solo pass with his Turbo DSM! 10.70 @ 137

  Chemen vs Cintron in "Ultra Quick 8" action from Raceway Park 9/3! 7.27 @ 183

  Somebody put this together from stuff off the tube, pretty darn good!

  2002 SS with turbo, makes a few passes without traction!10.58 @ 128!

  Here is one Bad News Chevy II taking a pass at Area 51 dragway! no time

  Beautiful 72 Vette Coupe dragster built to run looks solid, sounds great! 8.26 @ 172!

  Paul Major with his silver 2001 C5 Z06 Stroker running in a qualifier. 8.14 @ 175!

  Paul Major shows his new Turbo setup off! This C5 Z06 is built, good thing!

  Vette's square off & Mitchell's Black 86 wins easy over Shaw's 70 Red Coupe! 8.27 @ 137

  Quick Sled gets bounced out of an eliminator round! Still runs 9.41 on 9.27 dial!

  10.0 Final Michalkowski's 97 Vette Wins with a 10.57 vs David Shen 65 Coupe & a 10.30

Big Freakin AIR!

  Top Fuel Dragster Videos K&N Super Nationals at Raceway Park Englishtown, June 18, 2006

  Top Fuel Dragster/Funny Car Videos K&N Nationals at Raceway Park E-Town, NJ 6-18-06

  Pro Stock Videos K&N Super Nationals at Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ June 18, 2006

  Major Spray pumps his C5 Z06 Turbo full of psi and it flies! 7.96 @ 170!

  Paul Major shows his name means major action! Wheelstand opens everybody's eyes!

  Some testing for this Sharp looking Big Block Vette at Atco! 8.39@ 169

  1320 Video was filmed one chilly Saturday, lots of variety and action! *BIG* 40mg

  What is it like on the roof over 100 mph? shocking in-car video! GREAT VIDEO!

  Movie is not that clear but a 67 Camaro hits the wall HARD! Driver survives flames.

  Chris Chow is smooth as silk in the TT Gran Nannie in this great in-car video! 8.60@160

  Gen4 Camaro with a big Cam and plenty of N2O explodes out of the hole! 9.67 @ 137

  Texas Motorplex is where this NOPI 350Z big tire Doorslammer ran a 8.33 @ 176! WOW!

  Door Car Chaos 2006 video sampler Action from Urban Hillbilly video!

  Most guys don't mod their Porsche, but here is one tricked to run! 10.37 @ 139

  Sharky spanks his 996 TT Porsche like a Rustang! Several 10 sec passes! 10.62 @ 132

  BMW dragster running over in Europe or somewhere with no MPH! 9.90 @ 220 KPH 16Mg

  Mazda 323 FWD is what they decided to build up? Why? It runs 10.03 @ 143 that's why!

  The Evil Eagle crew is back, not kicked off the track yet! night time 9.93 @ 145!

  A little unusual for this site, but it has been downloaded a ton! Behind the
  scenes during the making of an episode of Pinks, Team Pittspeed put their home
  movies into a slick telling of the tale! Better than the actual episode! *HUGE* 113Mg

Big Freakin AIR!

  Crazy grass roots Rally racing over in Europe! Dangerous as always!

  Sharp black Fbody, similar to my SS goes 11.93 @ 115 with a cam! 20Mg

  Silver latemodel Fbody, shows nice all-motor topend with a quick 11.98 @ 121!

  Tricked out $$ S4 puts outs some serious power to all 4 wheels! 11.05 @ 128!

  Something different, Turbocharged 98 Lexus SC300 runs 9.49 at 150!

  The Big Valley Big boost STi from Puerto Rico runs a very quick 9.50 @ 150

  Something a bit tamer, stockish STi runs a respectable 12.78

  Couple of real juicers both on the brakes at end 9.09 @ 149 vs 9.05 @ 135

  This turbo TA makes a frightening spooled launch just turn display mode off! 9.75

  High Quality video trailer with all the action from a Jet Car exhibition night!

  A video doesn't do justice to seeing the Wheel Stander show in person, check this out!

  Mike Romeo likes to get air with his Camaro! still runs 9.81!

  Mike Romeo likes to get air with his Camaro! that's Big Air with a dial!

  Mike Romeo getting air as usual, but this time he bent the wheelie bar!

  Good Atco 7-27 Grandstand video from Quick 8 Round 1 Quals B4 the rain! 18Mg

  Grandstand video from Atco for the Quick 8 quals B4 the rain! Round 2! 16Mg

  Hayes vs Barker in Outlaw Final at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! Close!

  Hayes crushes Courtier in Outlaw at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 6.46 @ 215!

  Montana beats Burnley in Outlaw at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 6.52 @ 219!

  Cossis survives Outlaw round at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 6.53 @ 215!

  Decker gets loose, Barker wins in Outlaw at the Street Shootout 8/6 at CC! 6.64 @ 206!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Here is the Big Tire Final at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 7.21 Wins!

  Collins vs Doak in Big Tire at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 7.71 @ 186 Wins!

  Benston vs Horney in Big Tire at the Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 8.02 vs 8.06!

  Hemi Dart looking sweet at Street Shootout Qual 8/6 at Cecil Co.! 8.97 @ 148

  Wild 10.5 action from Cecil Co., Pio's Turbo Camaro on a qual run! 7.37 @ 195

  Paul Efantis needed a place to run so he jumped into Quick 8 at Atco! 7.47 @ 190!

  Paul Efantis in his NOPI Solara making a Quick 8 Qual pass at Atco! 7.54 @ 181!

  Camaro shoots huge flames during a Quick 8 Qual pass at Atco! He hurt it!

  Zubler's mean looking TA shuts off early during a Q8 Qual pass at Atco! 8.65

  Atco 8/3 10.0 Final pitting Steve Romeo against Cable! No clue who won with index?

  Atco 8/3 10.0 index round with Steve Romeo in his Chevelle beating White!

  Atco 8/3 10.0 index round with Cable driving his Nova around Stiles!

  Atco 8/3 10.0 index round with Romeo and his Chevelle vs Curtis! Romeo wins!

  Atco 8/3 10.0 index round with the Nova of Cable winning over Hoban!

  Raceway Park 7/23 Ultra Quick 8 Final saw Ulsch vs Sexton! 7.20 @ 198 takes it!

  Raceway Park Ultra Quick 8 Qual has Sexton making a fast solo pass! 7.05 @ 199

  Raceway Park Ultra Quick 8 Qual for Ferrari in his Classic Chevelle! 7.27 @ 188

  Raceway Park Ultra Quick 8 Qual with Ferrari vs Barnaby! Ferrari runs 7.33 @ 188

  NSCA Precision Turbo Nationals in Ohio Pro Street Final 200mph Vette wins it!

  NSCA Precision Turbo Nationals in Ohio Nostalgia Pro Street Final 7.63 wins it!

  NSCA Precision Turbo Nationals in Ohio Super Street Final settled at line!

  NSCA Precision Turbo Nationals in Ohio Pro Comp Final with big air ChevyII! 8.54 @ 151

  NSCA Precision Turbo Nationals in Ohio Limited Street Final! winner does 169mph

  NSCA Precision Turbo Nationals in Ohio Top Sportsman Final is a 6.82 solo run?

Big Freakin AIR!

  Different kind of movie from Prostreet Motorsports, last 1/2 has 1/8 mile action!

  Grannannie launches hard, moves all over groove but driver hangs on! 9.42 @ 146

  Here is every racers nightmare, this Nova rolls and leaves the track!

  Absolutely sweet 55 Chevy has plenty of grunt! 6.98 @ 202! New .wmv version

  Took the Chebbie out for it's shakedown run! holds together for 9.58 @ 147

  John Sheppard is the MAN! He nails a 7 in this pass with his AWD monster! 7.95 @ 182!

  Evo fans worship this car, Nick makes an 8.76 sec pass! scary fast

  This tricked out, full race 04 STi is all the way from Puerto Rico! 9.67 @ 146

  Great vid with in-car of "evil" Eagle getting a 9, then booted! 9.99 @ 145 *BIG* 44Mg

  In-car of the "evil" Eagle launching off of the hand brake 22Mg

  The "evil" Eagle wins the BOTI heads up final by quite a bit, times not visible?

  This M'BishE Gallant is not your aunts everyday grocery getter! 10.91 @ 131!

  Bolt-on Evo makes a respectable 11 sec solo pass at Norwalk Raceway Park! 20Mg

  Movie from Lebanon Valley Dragway of Shawn's big boost 87 old school Supra! 10.25 @ 137

  Vid is a bit dark but you can see a quick pass from this juiced Vette! 10.58 @ 134

  Vettes take to the juice with great results! Here is a stout 10.83 @ 130 pass.

  They do things a bit different south of the border, first one to the chalk wins!

  HorsepowerJunkies vid of 5-7-05 Rockingham GM event with plenty of passes! 20Mg

  Bleacher home movies from Roxboro, get ready to turn the music down, ouch my eeears!

  This Big Air belongs on the X games, back to the trailer for this Trans Am!

  Buick goes almost over with a wheelie that broke stuff in this vintage vid!

  Huge air doesn't phase this Grand National jockey, never lets up! 8.34 @ 164

  This Buick pulls a nice wheelie storming out of the hole!

  Not sure if Cotton's car is a Turbo Buick, or all motor! 9.62 @ 140

  This Regal driver got out of it when he drifted out of the groove! Still ran 8.87

Big Freakin AIR!

  Bad to the bone Grand National sounds mean all the way into the stands! 7.95 @ 170

  Scandalous racing brought their 9 sec Supra to the track!

  Mitsubishi 300 Turbo "GTO" blasting off in Australia at WSID! 10.70 @ 139

  Mitsubishi 300's were never officially exported to the US! 10.89 @ 130 in Australia

  GM turbo's, Grannannie's and Firebirds are featured in this Atco video

  Mythical Skyline GTS running at the Calder Strip Down Under! 10.90 @ 128

  ESPN coverage of a 205mph top end run by a specially geared Grand National!

  Buick GS NATS movie with lots of track shots and a couple passes.

  Here is a medium quality vid from the stands of John Sheppard doing 8.05 @ 180

  This might be one of badest 69 Camaros that you EVER get to ride along inside of!
  you ride inside this 632 ci, Big Blower monster but it broke on it's maiden! *BIG* 41Mg

  I always had a soft spot for Gran-nanies, this has to be the mother of all Buick
  videos, mostly racing but a bit of everything mixed in W/Bonus animation *HUGE* 103Mg

  Day 2 of the All Motor Shootout at Cecil County Dragway *HUGE* 75 Mg

  HoleShot TV covers the 06 All Motor Shootout at Cecil County Dragway *HUGE* 107 Mg

  HoleShot TV covers the Canadian Fastest Streetcar Shootout Finals at TMP 32 Mg

  Canadian Fastest Streetcar Eliminations at Toronto Motorsports Park 7-16-06 *BIG* 40Mg

  Canadian Fastest Streetcar Shootout Qualifying in Toronto July 15 2006! 29 Mg

  Sick TT Legenfelter Vette runs 150 on topend like a bullet! 10.05 @ 150

  So your a Buick nut, well here is a cool trailer full of your favorites!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Finals of the Bikes! 7.64 @ 193

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Finals of the 10.5 Outlaw! 7.06 @ 208

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Finals of the Drag Radial! 8.40 @ 169

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Finals of the All Motor class! 8.60 @ 159

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Run What You Brung Final! 6.90 @ 197

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Q finals of the 10.5 Outlaw! 23 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Q finals of the Drag Radials! 21 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Q finals of the All Motor class!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 Q finals of the Scooters!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 2nd Round of the All Motor class!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-30-06 2nd Round of the Drag Radials!

  How about a Wheelie competition from Milan's final 05 Fall event in Oct!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Class Finals

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Semi-Finals

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Round 2 Eliminations

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Round 1 Eliminations 39 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Round 3 Qualifying *BIG* 54 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Round 2 Qualifying *BIG* 62 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, final 05 Fall event! Round 1 Qualifying 35 Mg

  Car Warz at Milan! Sept 24 2005 Round 2 Eliminations 30 mg

  Car Warz at Milan! Sept 24 2005 13mins of Round 2 Eliminations *HUGE* 72 Mg

  Car Warz at Milan! Sept 24 2005 12mins of Round 1 Eliminations *HUGE* 69 Mg

  Car Warz at Milan! Sept 24 2005 13mins of Round 2 Qualifying *HUGE* 75 Mg

  Car Warz at Milan! Sept 24 2005 18mins of Round 1 Qualifying *HUGE* 100 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-3-05 Run What You Brung Final! looks like 6.77 @ 200+

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-3-05 Run What You Brung Semi-Finals!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-3-05 Round 1 Eliminations in Run What You Brung!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-3-05 Qual Round 2 of the Run What You Brung!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, 6-3-05 Qual Round 1 of the Run What You Brung!

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Class Finals

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Semi-Finals

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Round 2 Eliminations

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Round 1 Eliminations *BIG* 42 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Round 3 Qualifying 33 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Round 2 Qualifying 32 Mg

  Heads up Racin at Milan, April 14 2005 Round 1 Qualifying 23 Mg

Big Freakin AIR!

  This is a local guy Jay with his quick STi he has self tuned! 12.17 @ 117

  Great in-car Vid of a TT Outlaw Camaro full on race car W/1.09 60ft! 6.86 @ 205 23Mg

  Brett Todd takes 3 HARD passes in his juiced 94 Supra! 9.35 @ 151 *HUGE* 50Mg

  Jake can get no closer to a 9 with his AWD DSM! Nice quality flic! 10.04 @ 142 25Mg

  The DSM is quite a platform, guy runs 10.30's all day long like nothing! 23Mg

  What is it? Import beats up on Honda hatchback! 10.34 @ 148

  Evo haters beware, this one beats up on American Muscle and gloats! 10.23 @ 138

  Robinson's juiced late model Camaro is quicker! 1/8th mile 4.68 @ 158

  Robbin's Camaro is quicker than Robinson's juiced version! 1/8th mile 4.67 @ 165

  Robbin's takes on Birt in a good Camaro battle! 1/8th mile 4.62 @ 161

  Robbin's Silver bullet Camaro is quicker in Qual! 1/8th mile 4.58 @ 166

  Birt's Camaro with great Graphics takes a solo pass! 1/8th mile 4.61 @ 162

  Old .vs. New Chebby Camaros in this great race! both run 1/8th mile 4.64's @ 160+

  Juiced Nova wiggles his way to a win over a classic Chebby! 1/8th mile 5.66 @ 127

  Sharp Black Camaro crushes a Monte needing paint! 1/8th mile 5.54 @ 131

  Battle of 2 Nova's carries on all the way to the finish line! 8th mile 5.73 vs 5.75

  Juiced old Ford runs a late model Firebird! 1/8th mile 5.30 @ 120 braking

  Juiced Nova takes on a wheelstanding Camaro! 1/8th mile 5.95 @ 117

   Mean modern S-10 Panel Truck beats a Camaro 1/8th mile 6.99 @ 97

  Steve Kirk Jr's Camaro with great Graphics takes a solo pass! 1/8th mile 4.66 @ 161

  Tony Johnson's Camaro RS on a solo pass! 1/8th mile 4.62 @ 167

  Here is a Mit-u-beat-u whatever Turbo running a healthy 9.73 @ 151

  I know this is a bike on the street, but it wasn't racing! CRAZY Biker!!

  Professional driver on a road course with very good in-car! *HUGE* 103 Mg

  Black late model Camaro built for speed! 9.58 @ 146

Big Freakin AIR!

  I broke a rule here for some very cool drag racing in Sweden *HUGE* 72 Mg

  I guess there are no real tracks in Sweden, so .. Very Organized! *HUGE* 117 Mg

  I know this is a bike on the street, but it wasn't racing! 1/8th mile 5.30 @ 120 braking

  Take a teeny tiny Subcompact Toyota and stuff it full of engine... 7.40 @ 180 WOW!

  Hi Tran has a quick CRX, his rice rocket clocks a quick 9.85 @ 144!

  Jake Montgomery in what I think is a 10 sec DSM (Talon AWD)! 10.36 @ 142! 24 Mg

  Well there is an low budget alternative, Dirt Drag Racing!! looks scary!

  Here is 18 mins of "Real Street Drags" raw footage, a bit rough. 23 Mg

  Cool wheelie teaser from a Heffner TT Viper and Gary Javo

  This explosive Funny Car wreck is from a few years ago, but still shocking!

  Racing Elise is all over the Street Vette in this roadcourse video, Vette has grunt!

  This is a grim collection of huge Auto/Moto racing crashes!

  Get REEEADY to Rumble! Road racers get into a slap fight with helmets on?

  Old school pass from a Dodge Conquest going straight down the track for a 10.61

  Here is the AMS Turbo Evo making a 9 sec run! all over to a 9.23 @ 160

  This AWD Turbo Evo has trouble getting traction?? Strange but true!

  Race between a 350Z that gets run down by an STi! STi goes 11.08 @ 130

  Mike Romain's 9 sec Turbo Vette launches straight and fast! 9.33 @ 149!

  Better view of Mike Romain's 9 sec Vette this pass is 9.44 @ 148!

  This battle of the F-body's has the green Camaro whipping the black one! 10.55 @ 128

  This Nova smokes the tires at a recent Atco rental, manages a 10.75 @ 134!

  This black F-body makes a few passes at Atco! Best is 11.38 @ 123

  Silver Camaro at Atco rental makes best pass of the day. 11.86 @ 114!

  Sharp Flamed Nova moves out too! clocks a 11.90 @ 111 at Atco!

  10 sec NYC Honda pilot calls out the world, Stangs, anything it doesn't matter! 41Mg

Big Freakin AIR!

  NHRA Summit Import action from Atco, this one starts with a good in-car! 25Mg

  NHRA Summit Import action from Atco 2006, sportsman qualifying!

  NHRA Summit Import action from Atco 2006, second round qualifying!

  NHRA Summit Import action from Atco 2006, second round sportsman qualifying!

  This Boost Logic Turbocharged Toyota scoots out hard! 7.92 @ 182 WOW! 24Mg

  Classic in-car video of Derek Bell in a 962 on the old Nurburgring! 24Mg

  10 sec Dodge Colt?? If he could only shift before the limiter?? 10.54 @ 148!

  Something different, in-car video of a S/C Vette on road course! *HUGE* 94Mg

  This blazing 8 sec DSM in-car pass looks strangely smooth! good video!

  I mix it all in here, how about a great wheelie review! here you go

  Simone has problems launching, 2nd try ends in a crash, he was fine

  Watch close as this S10's hood goes flying off, where were the pins?

  Atco's 2nd 660 was greasy, big scare here with a 6.66 against a 6.67, close!

  Atco Top Gun Semi-Final with Plummer vs Decker, Decker wins with a 4.08 (1/8th)

  Atco Top Gun Final with Miller vs Decker, Decker wins with a 4.08 (1/8th)

  Mullins does 7.05 in his wild looking ride against Katuran's 7.04

  Rini beats Mullins with a solid pass! 6.99 @ 200

  Miller with a solid solo pass! 6.99 @ 200

  Miller aborts his run, something flies off as he struggles with it!

  Milidantri blows Garcis away with a quick 6.90 @ 200!

  Cozzali's beautiful '55 gets beat by Jensen's classic Vette 6.74 @ 202!

  Burnley is squirrelly down track and gets beat by Decker's Vette 6.63 @ 175

  Croce makes a solid Atco pass but the red Camaro aborts, no times

  Cozzali's beautiful '55 dispatches a big blower Camaro with a 7.34 @ 183

  Nice race between Guadagno and Barnaby 7.26 @ 189 against a 7.27 @ 197

  Chemen's big blower Camaro runs a 7.30 against Guadagno's 7.31! good race

Big Freakin AIR!

  Barnaby in the far lane gets 200 mph with a 7.14 pass against Guadgano

  Chemen's big blower Camaro runs a solo 7.29 @ 186 qualifier

  Guadgano with a 7.17 solo qualifier pass at Raceway Park in NJ

  Reynolds' big blower Nova runs a solo 7.13 @ 194 qualifier

  Reynolds with an aborted qualifier pass at Raceway Park in NJ

  Schroeder's big blower Flamed Camaro runs a solo 7.45 @ 156 qualifier

  Schroeder's big blower Flamed Camaro runs another solo pass 7.69 @ 195

  Browne needs to check his shorts after this aborted Atco pass!

  This project Nova jumps out strong, don't think the Puff of smoke was good?

  Here is an Altered rod doing a 5.28 1/8th at Atco!

  Here is different Altered rod doing a 5.92 1/8th at Atco!

  Larry drives his new mildly modded Z06 Vette to an 11.49 @ 120!

  Come on you Stang lovers, no snickering when this guys stuffs his Vette!

  Curious match race between a Honda and a Turbo Diesel Dodge? winner 10.8

  10" slicks can go fast, how about Don Burton going 7.35 at 192! Scary!

  Mystichrome terminator lapping an auto-X with external bullit cams!

  Killer highlights from Chitown Outlaw Super Stocks! Fast heads-up slugfest

  In-car flic of TT Viper from Chi-town with wicked paint! 8.54 @ 174!

  Turbocharged Viper from Chi-town backs that other run up! 8.44 @ 174!

  Mean sounding stroker Vette lays down a nice lap! 10.72 @ 130!

  NHRA Sport Compact battle between a WRX and 240SX! Both run 9.30's4!

  Interesting in-car video of a turbocharged Supra? maybe, going 8.45!

  This is a Supra Match Race for $1000 between two tuners, one does 10!

  Turbo LS1 Holden something from down under , but it goes 9.81 @ 140!

  Turbo for an Escalade? well there is a kit, here's one doing 12's!

  Comp of low 8 sec WRX passes, seems like the front diff is turned off!

  Here is a nice angle from behind, showing this WRX spool up! 8.88 @ 154!

  Not sure what is in the MRWRX's Hatchback, SOB 9.23 @ 142!

  Dbronx has be doing a lot of work on his SubArOO! quick 9.60 @ 140!

  This Subie moves out good 10.76 @ 127, horrible pea green color

  Dr Roof's insane TT Viper 8.55 @ 174 run! .asp might need VLC player

  Another Heffner's TT Viper running insane fast! this pass 8.75 @ 169!

  Here is some TT Viper action from Atco back when 9.45 @ 157 was fast!

  Another Roof TT Viper? not sure if this was before the auto, 9.87 @ 135!

  This car was driven to the track! Turbo Supra with sick topend goes 8.45 @ 162

  This 1/8mi run ends quick for the guy that ends up riding on his roof!

  Frankie "Madman" Taylor & "Rage" 57 Chevy both wreck bad, both OK!

  Tremendous in-car of pro driver at Sebring, lots of lock 2 lock steering! 25Mg

  This road racing video cracks me up, this guy needs a new hobby! Why the horn?

  Rider on Busa spooked by wild wheelie and goes down watching the other guy!

  Right from ESPN2! Mazurowski in Street Tire Final 9.24! .asp => VLC player

  Wild and out of control at the 1/8th track, them mountain dudes don't let off!

  Urban Hillbilly 1/8 racing! This bunch is hardcore! Neil vs Hernandez

  Urban Hillbilly 1/8 racing! This bunch is hardcore! Tutterow vs Taylor

  Urban Hillbilly 1/8 racing! This bunch is hardcore! Scruggs vs Clanton

  Urban Hillbilly 1/8 racing! This bunch is hardcore! Clanton vs Taylor

  Urban Hillbilly 1/8 racing! don't blink! Scruggs goes 3.89 @ 192 in 660ft

  Urban Hillbilly 1/8 racing! Jenkins goes 3.99 @ 185 the first 3 maybe

  Supposed to be a Vette the Cobra is stomping, who knows crappy video?

  One of the quicker new Goats I have seen, with NO2 it ran 10.15 @ 125

  This guy is sick of all the Lightnings! Juiced his Chebbie 1500 to a 10.65

  Ever get treed? this guy needs some no-doze for Christ sake!

  Turbo 05 Vette pulls the wheels and blasts to 8.52 @ 156

  The Turbo Vette goes up in smoke at launch and loses the race

  Nice N/A Z28, vid mostly wheelies it pulls, 9's in there somewhere

  Juiced 06 Vette goes 9's in impressive fashion 9.99 @ 144

  Two very fast Vettes in elimination action 9.45 -vs- 10.18

  1 fast Vette in Bracket action running down a stock one

  Edgar is trying to get his Vette into the tens, no go 11.02 @ 123

  Barnaby's Turbo Drag Vette has some serious HP, drills a 7.30 @ 145

  Paul Major's MajorSpray C5R Vette has some top end gets 10.11 @ 135

  BoweryBoys LS2 Big Block 402 with no power adders goes 10.04 @ 133

  BoweryBoys LS2 Vette with a lot of work done to it goes 10.08 @ 129

  Couple Vettes launching in the Pro 8 finals, can't see much

  Brian Miller from Englishtown 2003 with his Turbo Vette goes 7.06!

  From Urban Hillbilly Video, cameraman has the action come right to him!

  Here is a quick Drag Sled, guy is on license run and does a 9.96!

  Found this 7sec in-car flick, looking for info on microphone placement and
  these guys from Dalton were explaining how they did this COOL video!

  Dalton Automotive has their RX7 flying 7.90 @ 166! Great in-car!

  Dalton Automotive headsup their RX7 to an impressive 7.87 @ 167!

  Here is a quick Dalton Automotive teaser from Caldor Park

  Series 6 RX7 is a handful but pushes 7 with a 8.07 @ 165

  Series 6 RX7 is dialing it in with a 8.24 @ 164

  This time Dalton's RX7 is bracket racing, covers with a 8.42 @ 161

  Older Series 5 RX7 that rips a huge Nitrous burp after launching!

  Dalton Automotive has their RX7 ready, driver has to steer BIG TIME, 8.73!

  Subcompact R100 pulls wheelies in two gears to a 8.70@159! power2weight!!

  This truck driver holds on for a wild ride when his radiator explodes!

  Fast is fast no matter where even if in KmH! 6.51

  What is a willys doing in the desert? 6.71

  What is a willys doing in the desert? 7.62

  Drag racing where? 7.94

  Drag racing where? 7.98

  Drag racing where? IROC does a little wheelie

  Drag racing where? here is an out of control wheelie!

  I remember watching this accident live, both drivers survived, WOW!

  This crash is downright scary, the drivers talks about it later!

  A Vette squares up against a Viper and rolls it over the wall at 330ft!

  Here is an exhibition pass of a wheelie popping School Bus

  Preston spins his supercharged F-body a little off the line, still gets a 10.95 @ 132

  This F-body all hopped up by Edelbrock yanks the fronts for a 8.95 @ 151

  SVTsnake rental action with a monster Vega and Monza passes, high quality!

  Here is some wheels up action from a quick little Monza, 9 sec easy (no time)

  Paula show balls when she drives thru huge air for a 6.28 1/8 mile run, impressive!

  Fast STi runs 138 and one 137, with a best ET of 10.9, I'd drive it to work!

  Brett Burch really gets his 94 Supra rolling 9.61 @ 144

  Our commuter car is a WRX, so this in-car of a STi running a lap against GT
  Class super cars seemed cool to me! I know, not 1320ft, still WAY cool! *BIG* 56Mg

  Some import action, how about a turbo CRX that runs a 9.62, sounds angry!

  Turbo Busa's, what a concept! This stockish looking bike blasts a 7.90 @ 173!

  This modded and ghost flamed Z06 blasts a 10.63 @ 207! sharp looking!

  Vette doctors clip showing Paul Major's Z06 running a 11.01 @ 127

  Mercedes E55 with some mods runs a 11.13 @ 128! not your dentists car!

  Venom800 has one sick Viper nailing a 9.92 @ 150 with Street tires at night

  New to me John Sheppard racing promo with 8 sec in-car Talon footage 21Mg

  Go along with John Reddings' Beetle for a 9.52 in-car pass, bizarre footage!

  Day in the life of a racer, follow along on a Tuesday, tuning in the speed! 43Mg

  MOFBody rental 9 min trailer, action packed, heavy on music 33Mg

  Nighttime action from KC, lots of ten sec runs, no music 31Mg

  See what is like being the starter for these 2 Chebbies, cool camera angle!

  Parish has a 5000lb truck & is trying to get in the 9's from 23Mg!

  CM Motorsports "Fastest" Procharged LT1 Impala goes 9.97 @ 136 WOW!

  Short trailer, heavy on glitz, real men drive to the track!

  Action from Atmore 1/8th mile track, some good in-car footage

  2006 video from Atmore 1/8th mile, couple good F-Body races

  In-car footage of Dan and his F'n'fast Mit'beachu running a 9, real good video

  This is a fast Mit'beachu! 9.91 @ 144! hmmm...

  Dan and his F'n'fast Mit'beachu whupping up on a Stang, ouch!

  I bleed Ford blue but TT Vipers are sick, here is a great in-car
  video of a newly built TT GTS doing 8's with no bars, no chute just
  flying! if money only grew on trees! *BIG* 46Mg

  Here is video of a TT Viper nailing a 7.99 @ 177 from Gary Javo!

  Roof's auto TT Viper, spools then goes 8.67@161, from Gary Javo!

  How bout a Scion with Supra motor & Giant Turbos going 6.51 @ 217!

  This Viper gets green, then spools his turbo's and rips a 9.81@140!

  Gary Javo running his TT SRT-10 with street tires to a 10.79@147!

  Gary Javo pedaling his TT SRT-10 & babying it to a 10.86!

  Mike's Viper rips a 10.91 @ 135 at a Viper rental, from Gary Javo

  Tony wiggles his way to 10 sec, check the time of the other Viper!

  Z-06 with a few mods runs a 11.82?@ 115? but he looked good?!

  Running the 1/4 doing a wheelie FAST, is always a crowd pleaser!

  Plenty of big bad bikes in this Mission Race Park video trailer!

  I like trailers that are jam packed with wheelies and the stuff I like!

  Slick trailer from a recent L V event: slo-mo, big crashes & big teams!

  Tons of old school rides in this trailer from a Seattle nostalgia event!

  Las Vegas trailer with lots of action some HUGE wheelies!

  Short drag bike video trailer, cool, but I'm not trading my Stang in yet!

  Short wheelbases are scary enough, running 6.49@207 in one? no thanks!

  It is not your day when the burnout throws you for a loop!

  Top Gas Vette blasts to a 7.10 @ 194!

  Exhibition twin engine altered rail putting in a burnout show!

  Running a 6.0 in a Funnycar on fire at the end!

  Mike's sweet Willy's pulls the wheels and gets 6.43 @ 104 in the 1/8th!

  Australian rear engine rail grenades real hard off line!

  Slick trailer from L I E, all drag stuff from this street racing crew!

  I had to watch this clip from Brazil a couple of times to
  appreciate the true insanity, they have set up a 1/4 mile
  on a speedway track, this nut gets sideways and then has
  to negotiate a turn while his chutes are open!

  This colorful altered gas eliminator coupe rips a 9.01 @ 152!

  A Seattle rail jockey gets roasted when his motor blows on launch!

  This hemi Dart hurts itself pulling big air!

  This Nova-II leans on the wheelie bar so hard it is left dangling!

  Steve Schwalb runs a wheelie out for nearly 660ft,
  never flinches and runs a 8.71, WOW!!

  This Ford Holden (compact) down under twisting a dyno to 1300+ HP??

  The Green Machine Funnycar filmed from the stands doing a 5.64

  32 old school Funnycars running in a sweet concert at a nostalgia meet!

  This Funnycar blows up, guy hops out OK, I combined 3 clips into one!

  I'm not big on the imports, but I used to own a bug back in the day
  and this someofbiach leaves hard and 3 wheelies, neat!

  B&W trailer from L I E, mostly drag stuff from this street racing crew!

  Good view from behind this bumper dragging episode!

  This Funnycar pulls a big wheelstand, not what he had in mind!

  Sand dragster? WTF? watch as passenger gets splashed with race fuel!

  Funny car blows a slick at 240!

  Trailer with Abel Ibarra's RX7 and a bad crash of his!

  Shane's sharp black Willy's blow up at half track at night!

  A spectacular crash awaits this VW dragster at the end of the 1/4!

  This altered coupe screws up the burnout and ends up in a field!

  Bob Motz's jet Semi giving the crowd a show, I combined 2 short clips

  The jet Funnycar Firestorm gets a 6.41! WOW!!

  Here is a jet rail lighting the burner up! time to roast some weenies

  Jetstream and another jet rail ripping a pass!

  A cool view of two jet rails from in-between their launches!

  A big jet Semi, man those things shake the earth!

  This chebbie almost rubs paint with racer next to him!

  A nice coupe messes up, a very close call!

  A big crash puts this guy on his roof!

  Fugly Beemer goes 10, Big $H!T If it's mine I'd drive it off a cliff!

  A bunch of mostly good launches with some messed up ones

  A big Wheelie specialist gets it wrong big time!

  This launch is bailed on real quick, blink you miss it!

  Horrendous crash but the driver survives

Stang track pics Stang track pics
Stang track pics Stang track pics

1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

Tim Lynch's Fox pics
Tim Lynch's Fox pics
Tim Lynch's Fox pics

1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

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