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THE SNAKE IS BACK but now your serpent is in HD!!!
New Original 2008 Snake Pit Production race videos of my little Stang


Scott Kalitta 1962 - 2008 Lived To Race, Raced To Live
God Bless Scott! God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Bless Scott!
God Rest Your Soul


Eric Medlen August 13, 1973 March 23, 2007 Eric Medlen RIP

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Stang track pics

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something I whipped up from the 3 of Jim K's pics


This collection of movies is all business, no compilations, cruise in footage or burnouts for fun!  Absolutely NO STREET RACING!!  I am collecting the best Stang, Ford and just plain amazing race footage, kickin butt and taking names AT THE TRACK with few if any frills.   A few will have lower resolution versions as well, that will take less time to download and all movies bigger than 20Meg will be labeled.   Always right click and select "Save Link As..." and run the movie from a local copy to insure smooth playback.   No fees will ever be charged to download a movie from here EVER!   Anyone that has track footage that needs a place to host it no longer needs to deal with upload or movie hosting services that jam pop-ups and banners in the face of who ever wants to view them later.   Just contact me and I will give you instructions on how to get your movies hosted here.   Spread the word, share the link and check back often for new additions that will be clearly tagged as "new".

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1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

Stang track pics Stang track pics
Stang track pics Stang track pics

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Currently over 1250 movies divided into 5 groups,
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Stang track pics Stang track pics

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1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics


Stang track pics Stang track pics
Stang track pics Stang track pics

1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

Turbo Wheelie

Heat those tires up,  purge that Nitro
and hold the "F" on  !   6000RPM dumps,
tires up and pick up the pieces later!

the staging war starts here!
FOX-4 and S-197 BODIES


  The Ratt Master with a new incar shiting clinic! 10.03 @ 137!

  The Sonic Rattmobile is cleared for takeoff! 10.06 @ 136!

  Ratt Makes the best incar training films ever! super consistient! 10.04 @ 136!

  Houston Raceway Park is where Ratt tears it up, great In Car! 10.01 @ 137!

Drag Racing Scenes

  Richard Lelsz pilots the Strictly Performance Cobra to 7.91 @ 185 in Super Street!

  Watch Strictly take this matchup at FFW at Houston 5/5! runs 7.86 @ 181!

  Texas Jay has his pony galloping big time in this pass! runs 9.26 @ 144!

  This Cobra Vert is amazing! Yanks them and then floats a 9.22 @ 145! *BIG* 50Mg

Drag Racing Scenes

  Here is a boatload of highlights and footage from Fast Fords in Houston! *BIG* 40mg

  Here is Dave Hance from a new crew member view! Man he disappears fast!

  Stock looking Yellow Cobra blasts out of the hole and runs 9.47 @ 142!

  The Ratt Master with a new incar blast, very nice! 10.089 @ 135!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  The Sonic Blue Ratt I in Pinks action against a Lightning! 10.000 FLAT!

  Here is another 9 for the Ratt, only 135 top end but 1.37 60ft! 9.98 @ 135!

  Great view from the burnout box of the Ratt I hauling the mail! 10.03 @ 137!

  Cool nighttime air lets Ratt cover the 1320 in 9 seconds ! 9.96 @ 137!

  Fine driving by RFink, really 10.0 index is the right class! 10.01 @ 137!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Grand Master Ratt Finkus, charging down track, driving it hard! 9.92 @ 138!

  The Ratt struggles on this pass to get some hook, still gets 9! 9.99 @ 138!

  Grand Master RF bring you into his classroom for in-car lesson! 9.95 @ 138!

  Ratt Fink got his new clutch broke in, goes 1.36 short! 9.95 in the 1/4!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  The Black Terminator of JJF likes Houston air in Feb and runs 10.23 @ 135!

  Jumpin Jack Flash is running a real quick 2/4/07 at HRP! 10.25 @ 137!

  Houston's Jumping Jack flash has his big blower SVT rollin! 10.26 @ 136!

  This Red DSN destroys a Sonic Blue Cobra in this 9 sec run! 9.94 @ 134

Big Freakin AIR!

  Grand Master Ratt Finkus, charging into 07 with an in-car cookie cutter 10.00 @ 136!

  Arnie Cohen ( tribute to Tim Lynch and his 00 TT Stang!
  It shows his record breaking E-Town Outlaw run where he goes 6.66 @ 215.9!

  Clash of the Titans was the venue for Josh to nip Jay! 9.15@145 vs 9.38@149 is SICK!

  Joe Newsham's TT Cobra wins the Outlaw final when Hance gets sideways! 6.98 @210

  Here is another view of the Newsham vs Hance Atco Outlaw 10.5 Final matchup!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  I just found this incar of Newsham's 03 TT Cobra filmed in Hi-Res and at nitetime!

  You can see Joe react fast when his TT Cobra acts like a sassy teenager! Big Props!

  Ride along with Joe "White" Newsham in his 03 Small Block Chevy Twin Turbo Cobra!

  Not sure what mods Corey has in his 03 but it is fast! Great incar! 10.59@125! .flv (Flash) /a>
  most .flv vids can be opened with VLC player or download flvplayer
>>FLV 1.3.3 Player here<<

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Here is Tim Lynch setting a new mark for Outlaw 8th against Ulsch! 4.36@172! .flv (Flash)

  Come on inside with Mike Hill in his 05 Outlaw Stang for a pass! .flv (Flash)

Ratt Fink's Ratt I Ratt Fink's Ratt I
  Sir Fink has his fastest pass to date 11/19/06 and runs 9.89 @ 137 on 2.2 KB only!

  Just another day at the office for RF! runs 10.01 @ 137 3 days before Xmas at HRP!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  The model of consistency RF backs up 10.01 with 10.04 @ 138 12/22 at HRP!

  The Sonic Blue Ratt I is in action here running a smooth nitetime 10.11 @ 136!

  10 Ohhh's are the rule for Mr Fink here is one such evening pass! 10.07 @ 139!

  Ratt runs a truck but a 1.4 60ft has him a little off! only runs 10.23 @ 135!

Big Air

  Not sure whose Drag Radial Stang got all 4 corners wrecked at Orlando Speed World!

  Rick Fedorovich's Flamed Procharged Cobra eliminated Mike Dimartino's Maro! 7.30 @ 188!

  Ever Wonder what Tim Lynch sees? This incar blast at Huntsville 8th might help!

  Hance's 05 TT Stang eliminates Fedorovich's 01 Cobra at Atco! 7.07 @ 189!

  Dave Hance caught a break when he slept but Harry Jarvis was early in his 69! 7.22@202!

Big Air

  Newsham's 03 TT Cobra handles Fedorovich's 01 Procharged Cobra on Qual pass! 4.61@166!

  The Ratt I was cut back to an 1/8th in the dew but went all out for 6.45 @ 106!

  Hance fouled and ran 6.93@210 but Sexton drove his 69 Maro to a new N2O record 6.95@197

  Dave Hance has his hands full with Chuck Dolbin's 90 BB Chevy Fox! 7.01@198 vs 7.15@193

  Brad Harris's Turbo Terminator had to drive around Shawn Zubler's 94 TA! 7.27 @ 194

  "White" Newsham's TT SonicBlue 03 Cobra hustles on this Qual vs Sexton! 4.62 @ 165

  Joe Newsham's TT SBC Cobra has it easy vs Tom Ferrick's 00 Single Turbo S10! 6.97@211

Big Air

  Clifford's 03 IRS, Ported, juiced, Eaton, Auto is quick, REALLY quick! 10.01 @ 136!

  Jumpin Jack Flash runs a 9 sec Stang that breaks, he rolls out to 10.27 @ 132!

  Jumpin Jack Flash is not shy about beating his Termy here he goes 10.27 @ 136!

  Jumpin Jack Flash lines up against a Classic Camaro and runs 10.29 @ 135!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Jumpin Jack Flash saves it and never flinches as he clocks another 10.29 @ 135!

  Great incar look at this 05 Turbo! Smooth ride doesn't even look like 9.30!

  Chuck Ulsch had to drive his 762ci BBC Camaro in the English Town Outlaw Final to hang
  on and not cross the line so he could drive around Tim Lynch's 00 Stang when he broke!

  The 4" cowl hood on this Stang looks bad! But 9.32 @ 143 IS bad to the bone!

Big Freakin AIR!

  Hisssnsvt gets his Whippled 03 IRS Cobra into the nines! 9.99 @ 140

  Hisssnsvt lays down a blistering pass with his Whippled 03 IRS Cobra! 10.19 @ 137

  MrWhipple Cobra was driven hard and put the Yellow 12.0 Stang away! 10.48 @ 130

  MrWhipple has the 03 running mid 10's beats sharp 12.0 Red SS! 10.50 @ 127

  Mike Keenan holeshot his 99 Stang and beat Tim Murray's 00 SS in DR Final! 7.81 @ 191

  Cobra Sam twists his 03 bad when it jerked the wheels but beat 12sec Goat! 10.56@126

Big Freakin AIR!

  Redfire Termy has the blower screaming on a solo run. 11.84 @ 116

  This 99ish Cobra is a monster, might need some suspension tweaks? 9.31 @ 145

  Shalom's 96 Stang is setup for some fun at the track! Nitetime 11.28@122! .flv (Flash)
  most .flv vids can be opened with VLC player or download flvplayer >>FLV 1.3.3 Player here<<

  This 96 GT launches great and is consistent, here is proof! 11.33 @ 122! .flv (Flash)

  Tony Gillig's 04 Stang Beat Chuck Samuel's 04 Escort in the Pro Street Final! 6.59@186

  Joe "White" Newsham TT Big Block Chevy 03 Cobra rode it out after Jones broke! 9.31@145

  Joe Newsham's 03 Cobra had an easy time with Ken Doak's Camaro trying to find the setup!

Big Air

  This is one of those vids I find while bumping around that is just epic!
  Blown Cobra pedals it & drives around a GN Buick and runs 9.40@143 vs 9.48@142!

  Blue Stang rocket takes off and makes the 12 sec GranNannie look busted! 9.31 @ 151

  Red Cobra is a good match for the sharp Camaro SS! SS runs 11.94 @ 117 to Cobra's 12.35

  This fast old Bird never looked back! Stang ran 12.08@118 but the TA clocked 11.10@121

  Stang closes fast on a Chevelle at the far end. Chevelle 10.80@125 vs Cobra 10.88@133

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Rick Fedorovich had a smoother ride in his 01 Cobra than Jarvis did in his Maro! 5.14@143

  Scott Gaudagno's 648ci BBC Camaro stomps Rick Fedorovich's Cobra in 1/8th! 4.53 @ 162!

  Tony DiSomma's Orange 04 T Cobra drives around Jim Briante's Procharger Stang! 7.19@206

  Nice close view of Dave Hance as he makes a Qual pass in his 05! 7.29 @ 198

  Scott Guadagno qualifies his 02 BBC N2O Maro against Morgano's 02 Cobra! 7.18 @ 193!

  Morgano's 409 SBF 02 T Cobra looked a little sick running 7.21 vs Myrie's Chevelle 7.24

Big Air

  Orange 03 Cobra gets a hole shot and runs 11.84 against Havoc's TA 11.49!

  Superhero Wolverine taking a 135mph shakedown pass vs another Cobra!

  Wolverine dials in his Turbo setup at the track with a best of 9.95 @ 145!

  Scott G. caught street warrior Wolverine on track. Rough 60ft 10.53 @ 141!

  MrWhipple finally gets it done in his Orange Terminator 10.95 @ 127. the music? 30mg

  Papitto's Red Stang grabbed air, broke and then watched the 05 run 11.67 @ 118

  Hance and Newsham going at it again at Etown-RP with Joe running out 6.90 @ 206

Big Air

  Hance and Newsham battling again but this time Dave catches on fire! he wasn't hurt

  Joe "White" Newsham tests iffy track with Dave Hance with 1/2 passes

  This Stang Vert driver had to catch the Monte but got around! 11.79 @ 117

  Good race but the Stang takes a Black GN with a 12.12 against the Buick's 12.41!

  Classic SS runs 11.06 @ 123 as the WIZ was trying to dial in his new 03 turbo setup!

  This Black Stang blew to bits running a Fox! He was having a bad day!

  Driver Cam shows a weekend racer having a little fun with his Stang!

Big Air

  Jim's Kenne Bell'ed Black 00 GT is setup for the track runs a fast 9.67 @ 139

  Tim's 2.8 Kenne Bell'ed Red 02 GT is also setup for the track runs 9.99 @ 140

  Jon just about twisted his Turbo Terminator in half with a mean hook 10.03 @ 142

  Broke7 is well known, here is several passes with a best 10.45 @ 134

  Tim Lynch delivers and puts a fast F-Body away with a 4.36 @ 172

  This is what you risk, every time you take your ride to the track, granted it
  is easier to mess up in a Turbo Stang like the one in this movie! Driver walked away!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  The Master Ratt Fink at HRP in his fastest run to date 1.36 60ft / 9.89 @ 138

  The Ratt Master broke the 9 sec barrier with a hard shifting 9.97 @ 138

  Jumpin Jack Flash in his TwinScrew Sonic Blue 03 runs a fast 10.57 @ 132

  Good view from the stands as Tim Lynch makes a solo pass 6.66 @ 215

  Harris against Newsham in this Turbo Stang Quick 8's final elimination!

  Dave Hance in his White striped 05 against Fedo in his silver Stang!

  Dave Hance in his Sharp 05 GT backs out of solo qual run 7.30 @ 162!


  Sonic Blue Turbo 03 runs a fast Viper and runs a respectable 9.59 @ 146

  Big money sponsored 07 Shelby GT500 can run 10.46 @ 132, well I hope so

  Mike Koval sleeps against a Fox but runs his yellow Cobra to 10.15 @ 136

  Koval runs his terminator in full drag dress hard, makes 10.10 @ 137 look easy

  Great Outlaw 10.5 action with a Stang carrying HUGE air getting beat by a Camaro

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  The Ratt Master shows his checklist before having at it! 10.08 @ 137

  Ratt I needs some steering input on this night flight! 10.08 @ 137

  The new Mustang brought new people to the track, here is one with a blower added!

  This is the wife in the auto! not all that quick for a blower but they're having fun!

  HPP racing Turbo Stang in the finals at the 2006 FFW in Bella Rose! 8.32 @ 165!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  HPP at the 2006 FFW in Orlando! 2 Quals then smoked the tires in round 1! 9.67 @ 157!

  HPP Turbo Stang blew the tires off in the first Qual run at Orlando! 9.99 @ 172!

  Struggling for grip HPP racing get all sideways on a test pass in Orlando!

  Rough video from the stands but Manny makes the HPP Stang point to the moon!

  Manny explodes out of the hole with big 1/8 mile air in the HPP Stang! 5.36 @ 130!

  HPP racing Turbo Stang in the Drag Radial finals at Ennis 05! 8.31 @ 162!

  HPP flamed Stang at the 2005 FFW in Ennis! Drag Radial Round 1 Qual! 9.39 @ 140!

  Manny from HPP at the 2005 FFW in Ennis! Round 2 Qual! 8.83 @ 162!

WFC9 Cobra Class lineup

  White takes Schroeder in the Ultra 8 final at Raceway Park with a 7.16 @ 195!

  White gets by Ulsch in Ultra 8 eliminations at Raceway Park with a 7.22 @ 201!

  Dave Hance in his sharp Red Striped 05 at Raceway Park 9/3 runs a 7.24 @ 207!

  Beautiful Black Outlaw Stang setup for speed! Test pass getting out of it 7.79 @ 156!

  Black Outlaw Stang testing launches at Atco! might be license runs.

  Sharp looking Black Outlaw Stang on another test launch at Atco.

  This Turbo Stang is coming together, here is a test pass at Atco. 8.76 @ 149!

  This Blown Silver SN95 make some psi at Atco. Nasty quick combo! 9.72 @ 141!

  Alain runs his Silver SN95 hard out the backdoor 9/7 at Atco. 9.89 @ 140!

  Nice stockish Silver 03 Cobra at the SVTSnake 9/7 rental at Atco. 11.77 @ 122

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Tommy's GT with a squirt of NOS at the SVTSnake rental at Atco. 11.83 @ 116

  Battle of GT's Jeff gets the nod on Chris at the SVTSnake rental. 12.68 vs 12.88

  Battle of GT's Tommy gets the win over Chris at the SVTSnake rental. 12.68 vs 12.72

  Respectable pass by Jeff in his GT at SVTSnake rental. 12.64 @ 106

  Evolution tries for some firsts with their Black GT500, almost 10's! 11.06 @ 128 34Mg

  Sharp Black 99 GT with a couple pounds of boost runs a respectable 12.12 @ 113

  Had a different file extension version of this, finally got a .wmv version
  Great classic in-car and split screen video footage of a 8 sec Turbo Stang! 16Mg

  I included this movie to remind me of the early days with my 04. My first rental
  I managed 12.2 on street tires and thought that was great, if I had only quit there!
  Rick brings his lightly modded 03 Cobra W/DR's to the track, runs low 12's. *BIG* 35Mg

Turbo Wheelie

  The Ratt Master takes his shifter cam on a 10oohh nite time ride! 10.03 @ 137

  Ratt Fink is allowed an occasional slip, he slips off the line to 10.22 @ 136

  Not Funny! $1300 Mopar Spirit 1.8L POS FWD W/turbo taunts 05 Stangs? 13.00 @ 103 25Mg

  Tim Lynch makes an 1/8th mile pass in his 10.5 Outlaw monster! 4.58 @ 168

  Tim launches hard, gets loose, regains control only to have Johnson in his lane!

  This Urban Hillbilly flic has a camera in Mike Hillon's juiced 05! small but good!

  Mark Larson back at it in his Hellion 03 with DR's, low flying jet! 9.69 @ 144

  Ratt Fink making a pass at FFW in Bella Rose May 06! Solid Run nets a 10.29 @ 136!

  Not the best vid of Tim Lynch, 450ft with the tires yanked in this 1/8 testing! 4.60@163

  Mark Larson in his stock appearing Hellion 03 makes an impressive 9 sec pass! 9.75@141

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  I'm sure we will see a lot more of these "first GT500 to.." videos, but after
  spending 65-75K, 20-30 over list, 11.81 doesn't seem too great to me? 11.81 @ 120

  Dave Hance at Atco 7/27 in this Quick Eight Qual right before the rain! 7.49 @ 201

  Dave Hance in his sharp 05 for a Quick Eight Qual before the rain! 7.48 @ 201

  DiSomma has his Stang moving at Atco Quick 8 Qualifying! 7.58 @ 195

  DiSomma backed up his 1st Qual with another at Atco Quick 8! 7.62 @ 197

  Atco Quick 8 Quals Brad Harris had to get out of it when it came around! 8.25 @ 187!

The Ratt Fink

  Morgano and his bas ass Stang at Atco Q 8 Qual pedals it, rolls out to a 8.51 @ 180

  Brad Harris was having trouble at Atco Quick 8 Quals, let off & rolled out to a 177!

  Morgano was struggling with the track at Atco Q 8, rolls out of it again early!

  Dean takes a TA with his sharp black S197 Stang! 10.81 @ 131 vs 10.95 @ 132

  Morgano has his Stang flying for 10.5 Qual pass at Street Shootout 8/6 at CC! 7.78@182

  Morgano's Stang loses 10.5 round to Gudagno at Street Shootout 8/6 at Cecil Co.!

  Raceway Park 7/23 Ultra Quick 8 Dave Hance quickest pass, he goes 6.99 @ 211!

  Raceway Park 7/23 Ultra Quick 8 Dave Hance gets out of it and loses to Curtis!

  Raceway Park 7/23 Ultra Quick 8 Qual and Dave Hance gets a good ladder spot! 7.12@205

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  RP Ultra Q8 7/23 Briante beats Disomma in this heavyweight Stang battle! 7.27 @ 191

  RP Ultra Q8 Qual has Briante running Disomma with 2 quick ET's! 7.17 @ 195 vs 7.15@204

  Raceway Park Ultra Q8 lined up two Stangs, Disomma's Orange Jet prevails! 7.47 @ 190!

  Two more RP Ultra Q8 stangs lined up in Qual, Disomma and Briante! 7.21 @ 204 vs 7.23

  RP Ultra Q8 7/23 Briante sends Brad Harris home in this Stang battle! 7.24 @ 194

  RP Ultra Q8 7/23 solo Qual with Brad Harris single turbo Stang! He ran 7.34 @ 192

  RP Ultra Q8 aborted Qual with Brad Harris' Big Turbo Stang! Cheman ran 7.33@187

  Brass attachments are required to keep your foot in a wheelie like this!

  The Fink Master shows how to shift in RattI! 10.04 @ 136 beats JJ on 8/12

  James aKa Ratt Fink has RattI growling and howling! Lays down a solid 10.21 @ 136

Boss330 Wheelie

  Ratt Fink's second low 10 pass from 7/28 crushes a Viper! Dude can shift! 10.19 @ 136

  I want to extend my condolences to Jason (TRBOVNM), he crashed his beautiful
  Orange Turbo Cobra at Atco during the 06 NMRA event but here is a pre-turbo
  vid of him running with a twin screw! Easy off the line to a 11.12 but at 134!

  MACA member F8LBITE runs a blazing 10.31 in his Silver bullet! 10.31 @ 133

  MACA member F8LBITE runs another solid low 10 pass! 10.41 @ 133

  MACA member Cobrachs rolls out his Sonic blue speedster at MIR! 10.93 @ 127

  MACA member Redfirebeast runs a best of 10.99 in this vid from Cecil!

  Kenny runs his twin screw Black Terminator at Atco! 11.04 @ 131

  Verts may be heavier, but this silver one scoots along! best of 11.11 @ 128

  MACA takes over Maryland International and here is the rental movie! *HUGE* 71Mg

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  NMRA action from Saturday 8/12 qualifying Part1, decent video, not NMRA TV! 36Mg

  NMRA action from Saturday 8/12 qualifying Part2, decent video, not NMRA TV! 35mg

  Movie starts with some Redfire Cobra passes but the real highlight of the
  vid is at the end, the LS1 turbo shoots out an axle at the line! Classic!

  Wolverine at BMP in Florida with his 95 Turbo Cobra of street racing fame! He starts
  with the boost turned down after driving to the track on DR's and then cranks it up
  to 19lbs and runs a best ET of 10.01 and an incredible 149MPH best top end! 25Mg

  Two sharp looking stockish Terminators going at it with Yellow 04 running a 12.13!

  MACA member WUTWINE made a neat little in-car flic! His car whines for sure!

  Dec 05 MACA Test and Tune with lots of Terminators at Cecil Co. Dragway! 28Mg

  Here is a couple more 11sec MACA Terminator passes from Cecil Co. Dragway! 34Mg

The Ratt Fink

  Watch from behind as this fast Yellow Stang launches hard! 8.36 @ 160

  Video shot from the stands, this is the 8sec Stang from the movie above

  10 Sec Cobra beats the 3000GT with a .03 holeshot, M'bishi ran 9.94 @ 139! 34Mg

  Not sure but I think the Cobra beat the Turbo Bird's 10.80 bracket racing!

  This is a LOW budget track where Ryan takes out a F-body with his Stang, I think?

  Oldie but goodie cool vid of Dan and his Yellow Turbo SN95 Vert! 9.93 @ 136

  Mr Ratt shows his "Secret" gloves in action shifting like a Mofo! 10.03 @ 138

  Highlights of AMP's late model racecar doing 8's! Great multiple in-car feeds!

  Greg has his G03Stang Whippled 03 screaming to a ten! 10.78 @ 128

  The Ratt man with some good in-car footage of him at work! 10.10 @ 136

  The Ratt man at HRP took some slick night time in-car footage! 10.19 @ 136

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Too bad this juice addicted 05 gets driven around by a Camaro! 1/8th mile 4.63 @ 161

  Gilbert in a sharp new Turbo on a shakedown! 1/8th mile 5.08 @ 146 on brakes

  Cooner in his Silver and Purple Stang takes out Reese! 1/8th mile 4.96 @ 157

  Cooner in his Stang takes on Dillard in his quick Fox! Both do 1/8th mile 4.96's @ 154+

  Cooner in his Turbo Stang takes a solo pass! 1/8th mile 4.93 @ 158

  Thompson Turbo Stang on a shakedown solo run! more there! 1/8th mile 5.00 @ 150

  This 05 purges more than most guys use in a year! WOW! 1/8th mile 4.61 @ 164

  Darrell Morgan's new edge hooking big time on a solo! 1/8th mile 5.24 @ 141

  Beautiful Stang built to fly nips a sweet Camaro RS! 1/8th mile 4.92 @ 156

  Macs02GT busted another Silver Terminator into the tens, nice runs! 10.97 @ 125

  Here is a pass from a 03flamedcobra, maybe from last year! 10.75 @ 132


  Modfords member TTA89 displays his road racing skilz at Mosport in Molsonland!

  TTA89 chasing some quick cars around the track in his ported Eaton Cobra! PART 2

  Be glad you weren't driving the GT that got owned by the Beetle, how revolting!

  SVTsnake 5/30 Atco rental action with 11sec Terminators going at it! 20Mg

  SVTsnake 5/30 Atco rental action with several 11sec Mach1 passes!

  Mother of all filmed wheelies, Jay Leto must have a brass set! Slo-Mo!
  hard to watch just once, unbelievable! be sure to show your friends!

  Billy (GNXS) run's 11.0's and 11.1's at Byron Raceway in his black Terminator

  This 12 sec 05 has the juice strapped on and making passes a LACR

  Silver 05 armed with duel juice bottles beats up on a Z-06 at LACR

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Son films Pa in a juiced 05 at LACR beating a Mach1 with a 12.66

  Peter was one of the first to gets a 10 with his 05 last year! 10.99 @ 123

  James "Ratt Fink" is back with his KB Terminator nails a 10.04 @ 138 at HRP 5/12

  Kilroy & his Whipple at a SMCC rental with his best in-car pass! 11.14 @ 125

  Kilroy made some great in-car video of his Whippled beast! 11.25 @ 126

  Kilroy babies it off the line and then it moves hard! 11.29 @ 125

  Kilroy bogs it a bit in this in-car video, still manages 11.47 @ 128

  Triangle Speed Shop's test launches their new Terminator with big air

  Jimmie from Triangle Speed Shop at WFC9 tests his Terminator 8.76 @ 147

  Jimmie takes his first pass, Day 1 WFC9 coasting to 9.21 @ 114

  Jimmie takes his second pass, Day 1 WFC9 coasting to 9.36 @ 110

  Jimmie's luck goes bad when an oil leak turns into sideways at 140! too bad!

  NY Stang Racer Dave Hance stomps Browne with one of his Turbos, 7.06 @ 201

  Morgano's Copper single Turbo GT is super sharp!! 4.90 in the 1/8th

  NY Stang Racer Dave Hance in his Twin Turbo 04 beats Garcia, 6.57 @ friggin 215!

  NY Stang Racer Dave Hance in his TT 05 beats Schroeder, 7.10 @ 199! nice!

  Dave Hance looking sharp in his White 05 as he beats Gudagno, 7.07 @ 203!

The Ratt Fink

  Dave Hance in his new White 05 on a solo elimination rolls to a 7.81 @ 131

  Dave Hance in his new White 05 on a qual blasts to a 7.06 @ 202

  Dave Hance in his new White 05 on a solo elimination rolls to a 7.81 @ 131

  Pretty tight movie of this Mach1 digging deep to nail a 11.47 @ 120

  Sambandit doing some high altitude passes with his Whipple 11.52 @ 119

  Here is a Cobra up against a Viper, both mostly stock, surprising!

  In-car mostly instrument cluster footage of a late model doing 11.48!

  Finally some footage of Laurel Mt. Lou's new setup, 10.60 @ 135 Eaton/no juice

  Lou makes us Eaton owners proud, port + 6# lower only 10.62 @ 135 Nice!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Jason, another Pittsburgh area terminator owner makes a 11.37 @ 121 pass.

  Fun FORD Weekend 2004 Ennis Street Stock Final with a couple of late models

  Millen's Turbo Stang nighttime San Antonio run from a few years back 7.19 @ 200

  Here is a early Stock 05 tuned by JMS that does a 12.43, tame nowadays!

  I think Bob is part of the MD crew, runs 10.15 @ 133 with his terminator

  Here is Ken from ModularDepot in his N/A modular from a while back 10.83 @ 121

  Here is a ModularDepot 5.4 NA Stang ripping up last year 10.78 @ 128

  JRSBlownSnake making some more quick passes with his Whipple 10.89 @ 130

  Terminator shreds a Vette & hits the brakes to keep from getting booted

  Stockish 01 Cobra doing some 1/8 mile passes, not bad for street tires! 20Mg

  Steel City crew puts some 10's on film from PRP 4/29 W/ Lou, KillerCanary

  This D1 Procharged GT lays down a respectable 11.66

  Ken has his own 3 great 10 sec passes in his Whippled 04, .61,.59,.46 NICE!

  Venomous John is back with 3 great 10 sec in-car passes in his 03 with a 60 shot

  Here is another movie of Venomous John on his best run (10.30@134) with a 60 shot

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action John V running his 03 to a 10.40 @ 133!

Turbo Wheelie

  SVTsnake rental action with a stockish 05 GT doing 12.95 and John's 10.36 @ 134

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action with a 11.0 run by John V and a quick Monza

  AJ on a nice 11.34 @ 124 pass + Vega doorslammer yanks the fronts 9.39 @ 146!

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action with a 10.9 @ 125 pass by John V

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental pass with AJ running his comp Orange Terminator to 11.34 @ 124

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental passes with a 11.8 Mach1 run and a Fox breaking on the launch

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action with Tommy spanking his juiced GT to a 11.50 @ 118!

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action with AJ's 2 low 11 passes + 9 sec Fox (no time?)

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action with 2 bolt-on Cobras going at it, both 11.8's

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action another solid 11.8 run from Jimmy

  SVTsnake 4/17 rental action with AJ going at it with the juiced GT, both 11.8's

  Jason Roth doing night time passes with his 76mm Hellion Turbo Cobra with a 10.49 best

  SOB! check out this V6 Turbo Stang, Matt runs a friggin 10.48!

  Turbo Stang wins big Sept 2005 at Milan Dragway with a 7.11 @ 207! strong run!

  3 in-car passes from John and he gets his Terminator into the 10's! 10.99 @ 128

  Here is a nice little battle between a Fox vs Terminator from a SVTsnake rental

  Wild angle from tower directly above, Comp Orange Terminator rips a 9.44 @ 141

  Texas Dan runs 9.43 @ 143 and wins with his Procharged Terminator
(if you listen at the beginning, you can hear Lou's WFC winning call!)

  03snakes1coupe breaking his terminator into the 10's 10.65 @ 132

  JPC Racing 05 looses it but keeps it off the wall! from

  03Flamedcobra's fateful final pass on the stock block (it broke!) 10.37 @ 132 ouch!

  Stock Viper against Jimmy V in his Mach, you'll be surprised! nice job Jimmy!

  Stockish Viper driver has it easy with a bolt-on Stang? Come On, Drive that sucker!

  Ken from MD goes 10.31 in his 4VNA, pretty neat!

  Shawn from Modular Performance goes 11.36 @ 119 in his Stock Class Cobra

  The Lynch Mob Gang strikes again 6.86@209 with 10.5 tires! Sick!

Rat Fink's RattI

  The King of ALL Rat Finks comes Sooo.. close to a 9sec slip 10.04!

  Jumpin Jack Flash runs a rail, well sorta, nice 10.72@129 pass!

  Mr. Lynch night time blast for 6.x something @ 220mph!

  Lynch Mob video, a short one but 6.96 @ 207mph, r u kidding me!

  4 Valve with a blower getting down the track nice!

  This Mach run gets cut a little short but he got a good launch

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Shakey movie of Lou and his 03SonicSnake, we need to
  get you a cameraman that drinks decaf! MORE MOVIES LOU!

  Ratt Fink early movie w/Eaton 11.06

  Ratt Fink early movie w/Eaton and 8# lower

  The Ratt miester James doing 10.95

  Ratt I power! Old School! 10.33!!!!

  More low 10's for the Fink! 10.45

  James is not far from 9's now 10.16

  Ratt I KB power! 10.10, r u kidding?

  Engcon Jay, cohort of the King Ratt doing 9.65 at Bowling Green

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  9's is nothing for Jay 9.67

  9.47 with a KB, Jay makes it look easy

  Engcon Jay holds on for a wild ride!

  Jay busts another 9 May 2005 9.905

  Engcon Jay rips a 9.88 April 30 05

  More of the HRP posse, Jerry runs 9.88

  JRS BlownSnake goes 10.58, great flic, Very Hi Res *BEWARE* 95Mg

  Broke7 and his ported Eaton goes 10.89 w/IRS

  Vector does 10.7 twice w/ Mr. Whipple and IRS

  03flamedcobra rode his flames and Eaton to a 10.19!!

Big Air

  03Steve WFC compilation from with some cool camera shots

  Another member of the HRP posse, StricklyTech doing 10.26

  Blownwhite03 and VP racing go 10.20 and 10.30

  Dan rips up LVD blasting his Turbo Stang to 9.75

  Need more of Turbo movies like Palugi doing 9.98

  Palugi TT with killer launch, sick 143 top end 9.90

Florida Drag Racing Scenes

  Palugi gettin after it for a 9.65 I had to use VLC player

  More 03 TT action from Palugi, use VLC to see

  KGKOBRA and his sonic blue Terminator do 10.50

  Dano runs 7.2 @ 202 I want one pass in that rocket!

  Tim Lynch great film from behind launch

  In-car shots of Lynch getting after it for three 10.8x's

  Lynch in TT does 6.86 after floating the fronts 330ft

  Dave (juiced46) trying to figure out how to hook at LVD

  Viperbluelx ripping some quick 1/8 miles

Stang track pics Stang track pics
Stang track pics Stang track pics

1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

Tim Lynch's Fox pics
Tim Lynch's Fox pics
Tim Lynch's Fox pics

1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics 1969Fastback's Stang pics

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