Well the winner was 04SNAKE, my 04 SVT Ford Cobra!!

04SNAKE won the first race it was ever in and it beat out some
nice cars to my garage, most of them would have cost me more money!

There is no looking back except to remember the test drives I took. I didn't bother to get pictures of the two STi's I drove, I already own a WRX. I do wish I had a picture of the look on the 30 something salesman's face after I drove an Evo, with him in it, completely around a decreasing radius exit, sideways at 90mph (Clifton Park exit off the Northway). He told me I could never break the Mitisbisu Lancer Evo VIII's tires loose, that sounded like a challenge to me? He went on and on about how it was such a great car, kids all kill for it, yada..yada..yada. The interior looked cheesy like a 70's Datsun, the STi handled much more neutral, and I am sure he wasn't too emotionally scarred after he changed his shorts. Both the Acura TL and Infiniti G35 were "girl's" cars, don't mean that in a bad way, just not my cup of tea. The price for the 04 GTO was real good and it was an OK car, I could of lived with the 350hp 5.0L LS1, but when I researched the bolt on HP mods, there wasn't too many yet. The Saleen 281S was real nice, I considered it the runner up. I couldn't justify the price premium for a built up GT over the Cobra and didn't want all the guilt chopping up a "hand" built car. The M3 and S4 were real European muscle cars, I especially liked the feel of the S4, it had the older (early 04), less gaudy grill, but the price of mods for either one of those just were astronomical. I took the 04SNAKE on a test drive like I stole it, Jose the sales manager didn't even want to ride with me. I figured I would have some fun and beat on the car that I was sure I was not going to buy, simply because I could afford a more expensive one. I was wrong, after many hours on the net, I discovered that the cost of the mods for the Cobra might allow me to be able to get to the track with it the fastest of all the cars. It took me less than 5 months from December when I bought it, only about 3 mos after actually starting to work on it!
I think I made the right choice (for me)!

Here are some the the pics I saved from the testdrives

The winner and champion of the Muscle Car Challenge, THE 04SNAKE !!!

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