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04 FireRed Cobra Coupe     NHRA/LVD Car #281

Lebanon Valley Dragway June 1 2007

Adirondak Shelby Mustang Club


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Finally back to the track in 07, even better in 08!

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Street Legal & DRIVEN on the Streets of the Captial District
Untouched Original 03-04 Cobra 4.6 Block, Heads and Cam
Original Eaton Blower Ported by Steigmeier of Chicago (17lbs)
Just a little Squirt of Nitrous to Cool the Overspun Blower
All NHRA Required Safety Modifications to be 100% Legal to 10.00
& maybe a couple of other minor mods

Best 2005 1/4 mile timeslip "Upper Pulley + Bolt-ons": 11.21 @ 123.56

Best 2007 1/4 mile timeslip "Blower only, NO NOS": 11.02 @ 124.12


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2005 was a great first year for the 04SNAKE race team! I learned that I could drive this serpent and it was actually easier for me than most.   My crew chief, meteorologist and number one supporter was mildly entertained and became a pretty decent videographer by years end. I joined the NHRA and started points racing in the non-electronics PRO class at Lebanon Valley Dragway.  I am at the very beginning of a long learning curve, but I am enjoying the challenge and look forward to every weekend.   As far as the year went nothing major broke and no one was hurt!   I did more to my beloved limited edition Ford SVT Cobra than most Mustang purist's could stand but essentially I only bolted on a bunch of over the counter mods.   I then asked "real" racers what tricks I could employ to get 04SNAKE's out-of-the-box high horsepower to hook and launch the car, instead of blowing up the rear tires in a cloud of smoke. I was VERY pleased to get into the low elevens by the end of the first summer at my home NHRA Div 1 track Lebanon Valley Raceway (elev 603 ft.)

2006 didn't bring much other than busted knukles and big credit card bills.
I took every Friday off to work on it but I slowed the pace realizing the
magnitude of what I started. I ended up with a SFI legal to 10.0 race car, finsihed
in May of 2007. Chase as I did but I never did get that 10.xx in 07, tire & suspension issues
coupled with wiring and mechanical switch problems with the NOS system slowed down the otherwise
fast pace of improvement for 04SNAKE but I ened the year with no real problems, just no time to
finish all the tuning required for the major changes from the prior 2 years!

2008 Finally brings the 04SNAKE back to the "Street" class at the track! No more facing
down 100% purpose built race cars with my little street car, the playing ground has evened out!

Tune in for the chase for 10.xx in 08! I can only run 11.0 in NHRA Street!
but there will be plenty of other chances to let it rip in Open Trophy Class on Sundays!

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  I get asked a lot, do you do all the work yourself?   I wish I still had a garage/bodyshop like I did from 79 to 84 and could do more, No I tried to do as much as the weekends would allow.   Maybe if I had 3-4 winters and a better back, I try to do what I went back to school for to keep the money rolling in and depend on some master craftsmen and and experienced wrenches to help fill in the gaps.
  Well who did the work on your car, who do you recommend?   Without any hesitation, I can recommend two great, honest shops.   Dan made it possible for me to make it to the track and then make it back home before I bought a trailer.   I was so happy with Dan's attention to detail, when he worked on my car last year I encouraged him to buy his own shop and even invested in his big jump to being a business owner.   I met the second proprietor at the track, well actually he was recommended by several racers at the track, when I was inquiring about getting a legal cage installed.   I was told Frank from F&R was one of the best car builders in the whole Northeast, well I am a believer now and a customer! Frank will build a car, from scratch, a kit or from boxes.   Motors, rearends, chassis setup and every phase of race car preparation, he does it all.   F&R is a one stop shop for the street/strip racer.
  Where did you get all those trick parts, who has the cheapest parts?   Well cheapest is NOT the most important thing, you need to deal with someone that will sell you the correct parts for what you are trying to do with your ride, you need an experienced stang racer that has done it all to his car, so he knows what works and what doesn't and saves you from wasting your time and money.   That is where the value is, well there is a guy that will match prices AND is the most knowledgeable internet parts dealer!   Do what I do, deal exclusively with Lou at Laurel Mountain Mustang 1-888-925-7669, get it right the first time and save money!   Don't forget to ask for Lou, he is the Late model Mustang specialist.

Call Dan at Fitzgeralds's Automotive at (518) 237-6274
his shop is located in N. Troy, at 634 5th, at 117th

For Complete Racing NHRA/IHRA/NMRA CERTIFIED Chassis Fabrication
Custom/Collision Body Repair or FULL Mechanical Services
Call Frank at F&R Body Shop in Pittstown 1-888-477-5717 or Click Right HERE
If You Want the Best, there is NO Better Welder than Frank in Upstate NY!
Tell the Track Tech Frank Berard Worked on or Built you car, YOU WILL PASS!

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Want to hook up at the track?
You can contact me at >><< for my race schedule,
planned Test-N-Tune appearances and Road Trips.
You can be added to 04SNAKE Pit mailing list or get a login at!
OR just show up and say Hi!

Below are links to all the pages
and stuff on the website
PICS and more PICS! the pics link, including
the winters of 06 and 07 build up history! *DIAL-UP BEWARE*

Everybody Loves My Movies!!Now in HD!!

Late model Stang movies

Foxbody and other Fast Ford Flics

My Original films of other Dragsters

Click here to see anything else from the
track that interested me enough to upload!

New short movie of the kill switch in action *NEW*

The ASMC 2006 Annual Jack Byrne Mustang and Hot Rod Show Pics
Frank has built himself quite a Race Car,
check it out!!
NHRA NE Div 1 2005 Regional at L V D PICS!!!
Local Cruise-in Pics of Hot Rods, Resto Rods,
Cobras just about anything and everything!
Everything Ford at the 2005 NYC Auto show GREAT PICS!
Saratoga Automotive Museum's Carrol Shelby Exibition Pics
Dan's Smokey and the Bandit restored Bird **SINCE SOLD!!**

You don't think the 04SNAKE is tuff, here are the datalogs from when I powershifted from 3rd to 2nd at 100mph and spiked the RPM's to over 8000 in the 1/3 of a sec before I smashed the clutch back in!

StainlessWorks Longtube Header Install Notes

Here is a great FAQ I found with everything you need
to know about a Terminator, the original location died
but CobraBob gave it a new home!
Data Logs and Telemetry Section *under construction*
My Muscle Car Test Drive Pictures
My second favorite hobby, Big Game Hunting
Lots and Lots of Pics!
Fish ON!! take a look at a couple
of whoppers that didn't get away!

Lebanon Valley Dragway June 1 2007

You can't always be working on, talking about,
or RACING cars, right! I need to get away from
it all occasionally, click on the links at
the bottom of the page to see how I relax!

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this is why you need screws in the wheels lips!                           this is why you need screws in the wheels lips!

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